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Your healthy eating plans should include this Bell Pepper Tuna Bowl Recipe

Posted Aug 20 2009 10:02pm


stuffed-peppers_sm This is something you would see in Rachael Ray’s 30 minute cookbook or on one of Rachael Ray’s tv shows. 


It is simple, quick and tastes delicious.

I have to give credit to Beth Rea for providing me with this recipe and it is a great lunch when I am in a hurry and don’t have much time to eat. 


Mix tuna packed in water as you like it:

Lite mayo
any spices you like

Slice red (or yellow, orange, green) bell pepper in half and remove seeds.  Put tuna mixture into bell pepper and enjoy a light, easy, healthy meal.


Now I didn’t put quantities in this recipe because everyone likes their tuna salad mixed differently.  I suggest you start with 2 cans of tuna packed in water and then mix 1 Tbsp of lite mayo and 1 Tbsp of relish with the tuna.  Then continue to add small amounts of each until it becomes the consistency you desire. 


Then add a small amount of cliantro and taste.  Continue to add cliantro until it meets your taste levels.  You can do the same with any other spices that you like to add to tuna dishes.  Just remember to start with small amounts and then taste because too much of any one spice could ruin the entire meal.


Yours in good health,


Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS
America’s Trusted Weight Loss Expert


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