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You Can’t Stay Out of Harm’s Way If You Would Like to Lose Weight

Posted Nov 16 2012 5:00am

What harm can come from really turning things around for yourself, like eating normally and losing all your unwanted weight?

The quick and easy answer is “no harm”. But maybe that wouldn’t be true. 

You have, after all, established a pretty powerful habit of eating too much food or eating too many calorie-rich foods. Then there’s the weight. You’ve packed that on pretty good, so much so that it’s been difficult for you over the years to get the weight off. Did you think you did all of this for nothing?

Really, what harm can come from eating less to lose weight or not eating the wrong goods?

Here are some possibilities:

•    You could feel vulnerable instead of feeling protected
•    You could feel disturbed rather than soothed
•    You may feel like you’re having a breakdown
•    Feelings of depression might seep through
•    You might have to manage your anxieties in less familiar ways
•    There could be sexual issues to deal with that you’re not ready for

Can you think of a very personal harm that might befall you if you became a thinner woman? If so, that’s most likely what you’ll have to work on in order to lose weight and keep it off.

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