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You and Emotional Eating for the Holidays

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

What do you fantasize about for the holidays? What do you see ahead for yourself? What would be a holiday dream come true for you?

We all have expectations when it comes to this very important time of year. There's family to be with, presents to give and get, celebrating meals to be made and eaten, joy to be felt.

But what happens when you feel let down during the holidays? What happens when you don't get what you want, especially enough love and warmth from those close to you?

Well, for women who are overweight, what happens very often is they turn to holiday food, which is everywhere and in Christmas abundance. The problem is, as you might already know, the holiday food doesn't really make up for the disappointment.

Ah, if only we could remember that little fact going in. But it's hard. Sometimes disappointment or hurt feelings or anger are too strong and we feel the need to silence them at all cost.

Yes, you can do it by overeating, but it's not very satisfying. If you can work hard to understand this holiday dynamic, you can cut way down on compensatory emotional eating and leave the holidays behind without self-recriminations.

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