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Yoga: An Overall Exercise of the Body, Mind and Spirit

Posted Nov 26 2012 6:32am


benefits of yoga

The deeper you get into Yoga you realize it is a spiritual practice. It’s a journey I’m making. I’m heading that way.

Yoga is a form of exercise that not just strengthen the body and our physical aspects, but most especially the mind. It relaxes our mind and spirit in order for us to concentrate on our breathing, posture and exercising our focus and meditation. Others don’t consider yoga as a form of exercise because it does not involve a strenuous workout and heavy lifting but they just do not understand that exercise is not just about those heavy exercises. It is more on the exercise of the mind which will lead also to a better thinking, concentration and peace of mind.

There are studies shown that yoga could help prevent and heal diseases and disorders such as heart and breathing problems. It is because through yoga, our breathing pattern normalizes and the flow of oxygen is better than before. It is like that our oxygenated blood is flowing better into our heart and back to our system that is why we feel good, relaxed and most especially, healthy.

Other weight-bearing disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and other joint problems are also helped and preventing through this exercise because it helps our muscles and joints to be stretched.

But then, yoga just not offered benefits merely on the physical aspect but on our inner aspects as well like:

  • Energy: In yoga, your balance and poses will give you the power to maximize your capabilities.
  • Strength: Strengths mentioned here is not merely on the physical aspect but on our inner health as well.

 Like, it could increase and boost our immune system thereby, it fights off infections rapidly and we could not acquire diseases easily. For the neurological function, it could relaxes our mind and relieves our anxieties. It could also help promote peace of mind thereby, could give us better mental well being.

For the cardiovascular and respiratory function, it helps the flow of oxygen in our body.

For the digestive function, it could help us maintain our normal bowel rhythm and elimination. So, there are no ways that toxins will accumulate in our body.

  • Healing: Studies have shown that yoga promotes longevity of life because it could cure and heal diseases and disorders.
  • Peace: Yoga could really promote not just inner peace but also with others because if you have peace of mind, you are also capable of sharing the positive aura to others.
  • Joy: If there is peace, of course there would be always jog and happiness within us.
  • Promote brain development: Through breathing and meditations, there are parts of our brain that are inactive will be activated so therefore, it could result to the clarity of our thoughts, better understanding, intuition and judgement.
  • Concentration: One rule to yoga session is concentration. So, if you are doing yoga, you are more or less expert to concentrate and have focused on a certain thing or goal. If applied it to life, you are now more focused and dedicated to the things you want to achieve.
  • Awareness: The primary focus of yoga is awareness. Awareness is increased during yoga in order for you to know hat your body needs.
 ”Yoga is like almost a music in a way, there’s no end to it.”







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