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WW Weigh-in #14

Posted Mar 10 2010 1:42pm

I missed another weigh-in post last week. Well, luckily this is not a bad sign as far as my weight loss goes, just of my preoccupation with studying.

Last week I did not do perfectly. I went over points by quite a bit at the end of the week, and I have not been at the gym in five weeks. But despite everything …

I lost 0.7 kg (1.5lbs)!

This past week, I did okay. I again went over points. I did realize one of my major problems: I often end up snacking too much on the day of my weigh-in and the day after. I had used up my weekly extra budget after three days this past week. I think my mentality is a little like … there are seven days till the next weigh-in so it won’t influence the weigh-in. But of course it will, if I end up eating just a few points over budget every day for the rest of the week (which would be fine if I still had the extra budget).

This past week I also made one big mistake: I bought hard candy for while I am studying at the library, and I completely underestimated how many points that is! I didn’t buy the sugar-free version but for some reason I didn’t think that it would be high in points. And needless to say, I have yet to actually be back at the library to study (I bought the hard candy on the way home from the library Saturday night) but the candy is already gone – all 450g (I think that’s a total of 45PP) within four days. Needless to say, I will go back to chewing gum.

Luckily, I did not gain this week. I even had a small loss, which is really all I could hope for after this hard candy disaster.

I lost 0.1kg (0.2lbs) this past week!

I am back at a total of 3kg lost since December. Which, I know, isn’t much. Heck, I was here before, on December 30th. But I try to keep a positive attitude because I know that all that matters is to keep trying and not give up. Even if my weight has been yoyo-ing for the past 7 weeks, I am not giving up.

My challenge in the next few weeks will be to keep up the small losses, because I have noticed that when I am up from 8am to midnight, I need three proper meals, and some (filling) snacks in between, when usually I would be up from 12pm to 4am and do with two meals. (Weird, I know.) But what with my trying to use my time efficiently and studying at the library a lot, I am just using up a lot more energy (at least so it feels, I am completely drained at the end of the day), and it takes all of my strength not just to shove everything I can get a hold of in my mouth when I get home from the library at 8 or 9pm. (Luckily, I don’t have too many unhealthy foods at home.)

How do you deal with eating your meals when you are out all day?

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