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WW Week 14

Posted Sep 05 2012 8:27am

Yay! I hit my 10% this week! I’ve lost 16 pounds in 15 weeks! My goal for last week was to lose 5 to make up for a gain, and i lost 4.8. Can’t get much closer. I feel good, and a lot of my clothes are too big right now!

I spent the weekend with some lovelies in Toronto. We ate and drank our way through the city, but made up for some of it with a visit to the gym on Monday morning. i stepped on the scale and am up 2 pounds, but that isn’t all that unusual for a weekend (normal or travel).

Yesterday I had a bit of a struggle: I felt great headed into Cross Fit but knew that I was a little creaky (sore hip from my regular IT band issue). What I didn’t expect was crazy pain in my wrist. I don’t know if I sprained my left wrist or if I’ve developed arthritis or what, but the pain started doing ring dips (holding yourself up on the rings and lowering your body down using your arms) and then became unbearable during front squats, where the pressure from the barbell was killing me. I was frustrated and hurt but kept pushing through. During the workout of the day, I just couldn’t think of anything but the wrist pain but tried to power through. I ended up in tears and panicky: I was struggling more than I had ever before at Cross Fit and couldn’t handle the pain and the pressure to perform (pressure on myself.) It was awful. The coach gave me some modified moves but I wasn’t happy having to take them, and was embarassed. For the first time, I thought about quitting. I posted a time, with my modified workout, but really wanted to write “DNF” (did not finish) on the board. I think I would’ve felt better with that than with the modified time. But I’m gonna take a couple days off from Cross Fit, run a bit, because I’m prepping for the Great Race in 3 weeks and have to get over myself. I just hope this wrist thing is temporary.

Goal this week: maintain my weight. Get a couple runs in including a 6 miler on Sunday.

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