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Wrong Eating, Wrong Feelings—Can’t Stand Yourself for Eating and Gaining Weight?

Posted Feb 13 2013 5:00am

“No feeling is wrong.” Ask instead, “What’s the feeling there for?”

Is this way of looking at yourself helpful

What will the idea that “no feeling is wrong” do for you where losing unwanted weight is concerned?

Being able to accept your feelings and understand them can do a lot for you when it comes to maintaining a good, stable sense of yourself.  You need this kind of stability when you enter into the weight-loss process.

It’s best if you can be curious about your feelings rather than being down on yourself for having them. This includes those feelings that go right along with the way you’ve been eating and gaining weight.

Having the belief that “no feeling is wrong” can lead to you putting even your eating too much food and eating too many fattening foods into the context of “why am I doing that” instead of castigating yourself for doing it.

Being able to step away from self-criticism, frustration and anger at yourself, and from feeling guilty are freeing experiences. Once you break free, you can take a clearer look at why these eating behaviors and the feelings that set them in motion, accompany them, and follow from them are there, and then think about what steps you might take to change things.

It all starts, though, with “no feeling is wrong.”


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