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Write it down!

Posted Dec 12 2009 10:14pm

Write it down? Wow, there is so much I need to write down.

Let’s start with my You Tube channel, which I’ve named with more of a demand on myself, ‘Lady Downsize – Off the Couch!‘ I could yell those words at myself some days. It’s not a new idea, but a renewed idea that has been inspired by the new ‘Off the Couch!‘ magazine put out by the creators of ‘Oxygen‘ magazine. I purchased ‘Off the Couch!‘ a week or so ago, and find it inspiring. ‘Oxygen’ I purchased of the first time today, but haven’t as yet read it. I don’t expect to find things in magazines, but with reading time between calls at work, … well, reading the inspirational stories of others helps me find motivation.

Something else to find motivation in – cookbooks! I don’t mean things like Julia Child’s ‘Joy of Cooking‘, but the more trim health conscious variety. I already have a few that have been in our house for years, and only this year have we really made any recipes. Those came from ‘Eat Shrink & Be Merry‘, written by Janet and Greta Podleski. I also have the first two cook books by these two sisters – ‘Looney Spoons‘ and ‘Crazy Plates‘. There were a few recipes we tried from ‘Eat Shrink & Be Merry‘, but most prominently there was the Lord of the Wings and Crash Test Dumplings, this one I blogged about back in October. Yummy! These will be my main cookbooks for now along with my most recent cookbook addition is ‘Hungry Girl 200 under 200‘ written by Lisa Lillien, and I want to try some of those recipes this week. The only forseable issue with her cookbook is the ingredients. Many things like House of Foods Tofu Shirataki pasta are not available in Canada – at least not that I know of. Anyway, I will do my best to stick to what is written.

Now, the true subject of this blog post is to write it down. I mentioned in my last video that I need to write ‘Everything!’ down. That being said, the first thing I am going to do is answer the question Jillian Michaels asks in the video below. Now her conversation was with someone in the audience who might have answered differently, but I am going to write my own answers below to those questions.

“Why do you Want to get off the couch?”

I want to get look better and be healthy.

“For what reason? Is it stopping you in any other aspect of your life? Hampering you in any way?”

Now the woman in the video said no, and Jillian responded, You don’t feel good about the way you look now? And that’s not stopping you in any area huh.” To which she replied she was just having a hard time getting off the couch!

Exactly is what I say. No, I don’t like they way I look now, and it does stop me. That feeling I have inside when my own personal image comes to mind is like wrapping invisible ropes on me that bind me from feeling free to do whatever I want to. Those ropes are twists of self-consciousness, shame, embarrassment, and secured with inner anger. I don’t feel comfortable in my own body at all right now. Of course, that doesn’t mean I never will. There have been feeble attempts in the past to cut myself free of those binding ropes, but I lacked the backbone of determination – though I’m finding it now thanks to a reunion with the stubborn mule I know lives within me. When my stubborn streak joins forces with inner anger determination is the result.

Jullian’s main message in the video is “you have to look at why you want to get off that couch! Write down those things” That’s what I’m starting my little black book with – Why do I want to get off the couch? I’ll show you that little black book I’m using to write down EVERYTHING in my next video.

In the meantime, why don’t you watch the video and determine what it is you want to change in your life and why.

Why do you want to get off the couch?

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