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Wow, doing so well!

Posted Aug 04 1970 12:00am
This day is turning out to be even better than expected!
After about an hour of blogging, and reading & commenting on other blogs, I felt like I should get on with the day, starting with another WATP.
However, instead of that, I decided I am feeling well enough to get outside!
So instead of doing a 3-mile Leslie Sansone,
I drove to Toohey's Forest! YAY!
It's only about 20 minutes from here.
We usually go with the family, and usually at a slow 4 or 6-year-old pace.
Today, I could go at MY pace :)

Another bonus: Instead of turning around after 20 minutes, cuz the kids are whining that they're tired, I got to go to the end of the trail... and back! That's 2.27km one way and 2.27 km back - 4.5 km! YAY!

The best bonus of all... hang on there's actually 2 more!
Bonus #1 (or 3...) Listening to the radio Ipod, it was like the playlist was custom made for me. One song actually had me in tears.
Tears of pride.
I am so proud of myself!
I've actually had a pretty rough life! And look how far I've come! After the divorce, and 3-4 years of single parent-hood, food-stamps and welfare included, I met the man of my dreams, but not without a fight. Some of you remember the days (years actually) when I was going through a HELL of a custody battle. That ended a year ago (yes, I won full custody, happy ending!), and since then, it's as if I've been waiting for the next disaster to strike.
I realise today, that whatever the next disaster is, it doesn't matter. I am forged of steel. Nothing can brake me. I am strong. And I'm proud of it. I am proud of myself :)

And, of course, God is the One who made me who I am.
Thank you Lord!

Bonus #2 (or 5). At the end of the trail, which I haven't seen in about 3 years, was this lovely little pond which probably didn't even exist 3 years ago, due to the drought (you remember, we had Floods this year!). I had to savour it. It was like a gift to me.

Okay, it doesn't look like much, but the picture does NOT do it justice! With the sun beaming down through the beautiful Australian trees, two peaceful little ducks floating along and poking around for food, the birds chirping in the trees, the leaves that littered the forest floor floating along with an occasional breeze, being able to enjoy this moment, this scene in complete solitude... and the reflection! The tall trees reaching up into the blue sky, reflected in the pond as a beautiful representation of eternity.
What a gift.
I sat down for 20 minutes, put my Ipod on a Christian Meditation, and savoured every moment.

Got home at noon and broke my fast with a healthy turkey sandwich, 2 pickles, dried apricots and an apple.

Nothing can stop me now!
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