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Wow… a lot to write. I will summarize

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:04pm

Well it has been almost two weeks since I have posted a true post. In that time, I have been to a different state, lost some weight, joined a new gym, had lots of fun, and have gotten very very angry at my Alma Mater.

So today’s post will be a quick summary of what has been happening. If I can find time tomorrow, I will try to post specifics to this update. I always end up being long winded, so I am sure you will get bored with all of these updates, but hey, it is my blog :)

First off, Lisa, Lucas and I went on an awesome trip last week. We stayed at an awesome condo, so AMAZING mountains and I had a lot of AH-HAH moments. My abilities to do things now I couldn’t 6 months ago couldn’t have been more obvious than on this trip. I will create a detailed post tomorrow as there are many feelings and pictures I want to share. I will say that there were several times on the trip I broke down in tears because I WASN’T in pain, I was ABLE to keep up with Lucas and Lisa. Not once did my knees or back hurt. I felt comfortable swimming without my shirt. There was sooo much that happened on the trip to reassure me that I am on the right track.

Secondly, you all know that my gym closed down and Jeffrey Spec from W-S is a total thief, but anyway, I have been looking for another gym to join. Lisa and I wanted to make sure that I joined a gym that we all could use, so I we have decided to join the YWCA at the Gateway. I will start tomorrow morning working out. The facility looks awesome, so I am excited.

Thirdly, I am disgusted that my Alma Mater has decided that being fiscally responsible means that the president should receive 1 MILLION dollars while an office that enlightens, uplifts and aids students in transition and connectivity is dismantled.  As a professional in Student Affairs, it saddens me that RU is now a business instead of an institution of Higher Education.  I will definitely post more about this soon, as I am too upset to collect my thoughts.

Lastly, I usually do a splashy post for my Wednesday results post, but today I have decided to just announce it via basic means.  Ta-da… Ta-da… I have lost 1 pound…   WAHOO 1 pound.  While that won’t keep my on track to lose 100 pounds by October, it does bring my lost total to 92 and that is nothing to laugh at.

Well that was a VERY quick journey through the past two weeks.  I promise to elaborate on these matters tomorrow.  Have a wonderful day.

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