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World Vegetarian Month Special: A Guide To Vegetarian Eating

Posted Oct 29 2009 11:02pm

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Did you know that October is World Vegetarian Month? No, neither did I until today.

So I thought it would be appropriate to feature this lifestyle choice and the big question that most people have about eating vegetarian is can I just eat tofu and is it easy to include some vego meals in your lifestyle?

No you don’t have to eat tofu – in fact I don’t recommend people eat it anymore just because of the long term side effects – especially if you already have thyroid issues.

And secondly, sure it is easy to incorporate vegetarian eating into your lifestyle.

I for one am a 100% certified meat lover there’s no doubt about that and it will never change so let me get that upfront.

But there is one thing that I always include as part of my healthy eating plan each week and that is a couple of vegetarian meal options.

Why? It doesn’t hurt to give your body alternate protein sources and to take a break from meat every couple of days. So long as those vego sources are real food options and not some processed rubbish that is marketed as healthy because it has no meat in it.

Neither do half the ‘meat’ pies on the market but they are definitely not a healthy food are they?

But what should you eat that’s vegetarian?

Stuff like beans, chick peas and even peas are high in protein and are going to be a good way to add bulk to your meal plan.

Some vegetarians even eat fish and other seafood products which are great for protein and healthy fats.

Of course you also have nuts and seeds and all that other good stuff.

And vegetables as you imagine are something that really need to be added to help fill you up and to ensure you are getting the nutrient value that you need each day.

The beauty about eating vegetarian is you are basically forced to up your vegetable intake by default so that’s definitely a positive.

If you are needing more options for how to feature a vegetarian lifestyle in your diet, Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training fame is featuring his special Lazy Man’s Guide to Vegetarian Eating for the rest of October only as a special bonus for those who invest in his Turbulence Training system.

It’s worth getting just for the 55 days of meal plans that you’ll get which is perfect to refer to when you need a vego source.

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