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World Cup Soccer Survival Guide

Posted Jun 14 2010 9:15pm

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Truth be known I am not a soccer fan at all. In fact, I’ve always said that I’d rather watch grass grow or watch paint dry. That’s how exciting I find soccer.

However, I did get up a little early yesterday to watch the last 20 mins of the Aussie game. Not that I missed much!

But, I know a lot of you are keen soccer fans and I know that some of my clients are skipping morning sessions due to the games being on. Not exactly what I would recommend for people looking to burn belly fat .


So, here’s a survivial guide to follow over the coming month that will not only keep you sane but keep the extra kgs at bay.

# 1) Don’t Munch While You’re Watching The Game:

With a game that goes for at least 90 minutes the chances are people are going to want something to snack on.

And with the game times being either late at night or early morning over here that does not make snacking a good idea.

My tip is to avoid these late night or early morning snacks (because who eats healthy late at night anyway) and have a normal dinner at a normal time.

Your body won’t miss the extra needless calories that you would’ve otherwise snacked on.

# 2) Get Extra Sleep The Night Before Your Teams Game
Most people who are soccer fans are suffering from a big lack of sleep this month. So my tip is to try and get some extra sleep – aim for an extra hour to 2 hours more than normal – the night before your teams game.

That way you are less likely to be severly effected by the tiredness compared to if you did the late night marathon for a few days straight.

# 3) Minimise Your Caffeine Hits
The easy response when you are sleep deprived is to dose up on the caffeine throughout the day to stop your eyelids from constantly shutting over.

My tip is to have your cup of coffee like you normally would but limit it to one a day.

Espresso or a long black is a great option because it doesn’t have any milk, and very few calories.

When you need the next pick me up go for a green tea. The antioxidants in there will definitely help give you a boost and your body won’t have the shakes or any other caffeine side effects.


# 4) Increase Your Good Food Intake:

My final tip is definitely my best one. Increase the amount of fruit and veggies that you eat at this time of year. The nutritional benefits will keep your energy levels higher for longer – as well as giving you the natural pick me up when you’re starting to feel tired.

So instead of having your second or third cup of coffee that day try a green tea and apple combo (or whatever fruit takes your fancy).

While these tips may not have you feeling your normal self, they will at least help a soccer fanatic get through the World Cup with minimal distraction to their healthy eating plan.

NOTE: I refuse to call soccer football. We are not English or European. Soccer is what it’s always been called in this neck of the woods until people tried to get fancy.

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