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Workout Summary- building a base

Posted Apr 29 2012 10:57pm

I haven't been doing anything exciting this week as far as trying anything new. Since I barely ran in February, after the Miami half, because of my IT Band injury . Then I ran a little for 2 weeks and had surgery . So I am starting from square 1. This is my second week back to the gym and running. Here's how it went.

I still kept the intensity down. I didn't lift the usual amount of weight. If you follow me on Twitter , you already know what I did. FitFluential started something where you tweet a picture of you during or after a workout and tag it #proof. Here is my #Proof.

I am trying something new and linking up with Stefanie from The New Healthy. It's called Sweat It Out Saturday. Bloggers can link up and post workouts to inspire and motivate others.

Monday: 55 minute spin, chest and tri supersets, abs. I paused my watch after I cooled down from spin class.

Tuesday: 5 am- ran 3.5 miles.
                9:30 am, did legs, shoulders, abs. (Smith machine split lunges, walking lunges, curtsy lunges, stiff-legged deadlifts, butt-blaster, cable kick-backs)No wonder I was sore all week! Sheesh!
Here is the time and calorie burn on the leg workout:
Wednesday: 30 min. of cardio, back and bi's. This was totally an easy day. There was no way I was going to put my legs through a spin class.
Thursday: 5am-Ran 4 miles. The temps were great. I have a few friends who are new to running and this was their first 4 mile run!
My legs still hurt from my Tuesday leg workout.
Friday: I did 55 minutes of spin, followed by some upper body circuits.
Saturday: 6am- Ran just under 4 miles. This was my first week running 3 times. It was hot and humid. I struggled. Not a fun run at all. Oh well, it makes you appreciate the good runs.

I will increase my Saturday runs (aka long runs) by a mile per week until I get to 10 miles. This will help me build my base.
I made turkey tacos for dinner tonight. I tossed some fruit in a bowl for salad, and chopped some fresh veggies for toppings. Also made some Rican rice with turkey sausage.
 While I was in the kitchen, I prepped some clean eats to have on hand. It's another busy week and I have to be prepared. I made some No-bake protein bars and boiled some eggs.

We have something going on every night this week. Again. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, though. There's not enough hours in the day!
What are your go-to, healthy foods? I am looking for some new recipes to try.
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