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Workout Sequence

Posted by Lynn C.

Work Larger Muscles First When Weight Training

The internet is so great for sharing information, but like anything else online – beware. I see workouts that are not in line with some basic principals of training. According to the American College of Sports Medicine the order of exercises in a workout affects the results. Among their recommendations is:

“large muscle group exercises before small muscle group exercises, multiple-joint exercises before singlejoint exercises, or rotation of upper and lower body exercises.”

The reason for this recommended sequence is that you don't want to fatigue your smaller muscles by working them out first and then they are needed to assist for larger muscle exercises. If, for example, first you work your triceps, then you do a chest press – your triceps will tire before you've adequately worked out your chest muscles. The weakest link theory.

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Hey, thanks Lynn. This is great info. I never thought of it before. It makes sense. I will start redoing my weight training workout routine.
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