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Working Out While Sick & Pumpkin Fest

Posted Nov 19 2012 10:01pm
Let me catch you up on my life lately......So exciting, I know. After my race, I fell off the face of the earth have been literally going non-stop. When I had an inkling of time to blog, I would fall asleep before I could even complete a blog post. It's what happens when you are up at 4:30-5:00 am most days and collapse at 9pm. It's 9:11 pm and I am up past my bed time.

Add a sinus infection that has been around for 3 weeks. READ: THREE WEEKS! I think we're going on 4 weeks. Who's counting? It's going around. Wash your hands and wear a face mask is the only advice I got for ya. If you get what I have, it's not going away anytime soon. I even cut down my workouts more. Intensity and all. Last week, I hit the gym once, and ran 3 days. The norm is run 3 days, with 3 weights workouts.

So what is the general rule for working out while sick? From what I have read , if your sickness is from the neck up, it's ok to work out. If it's the neck down, no workouts for you. Mine is all from the neck up, so I've been working out. Like I said, not as much or intense. If I wake up and am not feeling a workout, I stay home. Simple as that. Many times I feel better after a run because it helps clear things up. Meaning, my brain and my throat. Gross, I know.

I have been training still, which I will do a full post on soon. I am not feeling great again and hear the bed calling my name.

We went to a Pumpkin Festival recently at Hunsader Farms . This was before sickness. There was a corn maze, which was a big let down this year. They normally make a drawing or spell something in the corn field, and put an aerial picture on their website every year. This was the first year the corn was super short. See picture. My kids had fun, but it wasn't the same. Anyone else see a corn field and think of a scary movie?

 There was a "petting zoo" near the entrance. The kids always love this. After this, we walked through a kids game area and a craft show booth area. There's something for everyone.
 One of their favorite things was the pumpkin cannon. Every hour they would fire up this machine and shoot pumpkins out of it. This alarm would go off that sounded like a fire truck. Those pumpkins go far!

We watched the pumpkin while in line for the hay ride. After that, the boys wanted to do some of this. It was pretty funny to watch the boys giggle so much. You can see in the back a one-ring circus. We didn't have time to see it this year but it's entertaining. Cheesy, to be exact. You will get a good laugh. There's also shows that were on "America's Got Talent" that make appearances at the festival. Last year we saw BMX stunt bikers.

We always buy our pumpkins there. For some reason, my kids always want the biggest pumpkins that weigh 50lbs. It's always a joy to carry those to the car. This was our first year without the stroller. I took it last year to hold stuff. I just remembered that this will be my first black Friday without a stroller too! I took it in the past even without kids to hold my bags. What? Only me?
This year I am on the fence about Black Friday shopping. I haven't had a bad experience, but if I am still sick, it's best I stay at home with my crankiness.

Your turn: Do you have a guideline that you follow in regards to working out while sick?

Will you be out shopping on Black Friday or wait until Cyber Monday?

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