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Working on something BIG right now!! Not just another boring weight loss project...I'm adding in a little or shall I say BIG "ex

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:08pm
Hey Friends!!

As you might be able to tell I have been in a somewhat happier mood since the last few seems that since I had some time to just think, opening up to everyone..and gave myself the time I needed in allowing myself to mellow out for a while ..I have been able to once again bring all my thoughts together and get more focused back to where I was and where I should be.

I have a few things right now going on again in my head, decisions I am making.

That is one thing about me..Im a natural when it comes to always coming up with all different unique ideas..not sure where they stem from..but hey, guess i am gifted. But these ideas when they come...they spark an excitement in me...the same excitment like when I started the project last year. That certain drive comes back...and I find its just an energy that carries from me...right onto others. Which is amazing.

Are you getting excited yet? Well i am sure you will be.

Remember the excitment that just built up when I was the first one to come up with The Complete Body transformation Project, where everyone was so into my story, ..well lets just say there is another one brewing but on a different scale...and I may have come up with THE BEST ONE YET. ONE THAT COULD REALLY BENEFIT EVERYONE INVOLVED...including YOU!

As you all know I need to take off these lbs...and I need to do it soon for many reasons...but I need your help..your support..and in the meantime I hope that I can help you guys as well in the process...this time around for us to really come together, to share in the experience, not only through my blogging..but by doing it along side with me...its going to be different....Rosy style.

I want this time to be the way I want it to be...the way I think it should work...and I am working on details right now as we speak. I cannot release the details of what I am going to be doing next..but might make some people really really happy and excited!!!

Im working hard at putting it all together. For now..I need to keep receiving emails from all those who would seriously like to do this with me and take part in it as well. You have to be serious cause this just might be the thing to change you as well and give you the DRIVE you need to get going. It just may be the ONE way to push you all in making better decisions conerning food choices and physical habits.

Let me just end this blog in mentioning one thing. AS you all know...summer is soon approaching. How would you all like to look and feel better this summer? Doesnt that sound good? Before long..not too many weeks..we will be enjoying the nice weather again and doesnt just the mere idea of smiling again..feeling really good inside...welcoming a new fresh start...together sound nice?? WE can all just sit here and let time go by..or we can start NOW and do something about it. guys visualize..and if you seriously think that you might be interested in doing something like this with me..please keep emailing me friends...

I might not be able to start with you guys this coming Monday...only because I am in the process of thinking out this new concept...but I will shoot out my new idea to you all as soon as the plans are finalized, as long as there is enough people interested.
But in the meantime start yourself off by making more healthier choices. Think before you grab something to eat ok. Is it the best choice ask yourself? If its not, then choose something that would be better. Every little choice that you make makes a difference.Remember that.

Either way..we will tackle this together...
we'll be in touch soon..need serious numbers on whos in...dont waste your will kick yourself later! Tell your friends, family..and others about this new long as I can get enough people on board,then I can go with the BIG plan..and if thats the case, there will be a big meeting about it with all the details..if not..virtual is the next best thing. So its all up to you guys!If you have 20lbs or more to lose email me!Need list of email addresses so I know where to contact you guys.

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