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Women and Their Weight. Always Complicated.

Posted Dec 07 2012 5:00am
Women who need to lose weight and people in general are complicated. We have reasons for and reasons against. Weighing too much doesn’t just happen because we don’t want it to. We might not want to be overweight, but we also want to overeat and we put up with suffering the consequences of being so heavy despite all the kicking and screaming about how we don’t want to be such a fatty. Exposure to what we don’t know about our motives and ourselves, the nonconscious parts that practically run themselves without our knowledge, is called consciousness-raising.

We raise our awareness of what we haven’t faced, what we are not able to face, what we don’t want to face within ourselves. We expose ourselves to and raise our awareness of what we find so we can look at these parts, realize they are there, examine them carefully, and in doing so, have a better chance of correcting them. We don’t just set up a behavioral routine of pushing ourselves away from the table as a way of sticking to a diet. We can also see what it is within us that makes sticking to a diet so difficult, and we can push ourselves toward that; expose, approach, become conscious of, and not avoid.

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