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Women’s Weight Loss Success Has A Lot to Do With Risking Their Self-Esteem

Posted Feb 25 2011 7:30am

Do you know if your level of self-esteem is good? Are you being accurate when you make that conscious, rational evaluation of yourself? Are you sure?

If you were asked a bunch of questions about your sense of self-esteem, would you know the truth? Would you answer truthfully? Would you inflate your self-evaluation so you don’t deflate your ego? Those are the usual possibilities. There’s another. Perhaps your answer, “I feel good about myself”, might be as truthful as you can be, but it does not reflect views of yourself of which you are unaware.   

Self-esteem is a tricky business. There is more to it than meets the eye. When it comes to losing excess weight, your sense of self-esteem—your true feelings about yourself—are a big contributor to the success of the weight-loss process.

Self-esteem is always in the mix when it’s about losing weight. Good self-esteem needs to be there for you before, during, and after. It is an integral part of starting a diet, sticking to a diet, and maintaining weight loss.

Good self-esteem is something everybody wants to have, wants to hold on to, wants to build up. The weight-loss process is always a threat to your level of self-esteem. You can handle this threat by taking the risk head on, by finding ways to avoid the riskiness of the endeavor, or by not even opening yourself up to self-esteem issues.

It is so natural, isn’t it, to want to protect your self-esteem. But in the process of protecting yourself, you may veer away from taking the risks that the weight-loss process requires.

  • Being more aware of all your feelings about your self-esteem
  • Dealing with the self-esteem risks that arise when you are trying to lose a lot of weight

These are two good ways to reduce risk and increase risk-taking. You may have to work at it a while before you get the hang of it.


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