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Witty Wednesday: "Oh Grass,..."

Posted Apr 25 2012 6:57pm
Stop it...found on Pinterest via Tumblr

Yes, grass.  You are hilarious.

That is, until "someone" decides to weed-whack the overgrown grass and weeds in the garden and in the process accidentally severs all the stems of my Clematis vine that is FINALLY blooming and doing well.

Then, grass, you become my enemy.

Okay, wasn't your fault.  But whose fault was it?

First I was mad at the someone.  Then I was just mad at me.  And sad.  Mad because I feel like if I had just stayed on top of the garden tasks, that tiny Clematis vine wouldn't have gotten lost in the weeds which then got whacked.  Sad because, in the midst of my passion-for-gardening-but-no-time-to-garden world, I finally had a success moment....that few seconds where I saw the blooms peeking out from under the Lady Banks vine and thought
"YES!  I'm not a total loser!  Something grew despite me!"

<record scratch>

"Wait...what the?"

So now this seemingly small event has snowballed into a full-blown pity party fiesta shindig extravaganza.  Care to read my pity cue cards?
  • You are such a loser.  You can't even keep up with one small fenced in garden.
  • You never finish anything.
  • When are you ever gonna follow through on gardening?
  • When are you ever gonna follow through on anything?
  • Speaking of "anything", when are you finally gonna:
Man.  One vine bites the dust and I'm at the bottom of the Pit of Despair.....don't even think....<cough, hack, cough>...don't even think about trying to escape.

<SCREECH>  Sorry to go all Princess Bride on you.

I'm just feeling a little like life is slipping away from me and I'm not accomplishing anything.  Everywhere I turn is some unfinished project, some mess, some neglected corner of my home.  And they're yelling at me.  All of them.  And they have the same cue cards that I do!  Who gave them those?!

I guess it has just turned into an Eeyore kind of day.

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