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Withstanding the Pain of NOT Overeating and Being Overweight

Posted Aug 28 2009 6:40pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

Do you think you could stand to live with yourself without overeating and being overweight? What would happen if you did this? Could you stand the pain? Not physical pain, although there might be some of that. But the emotional pain? 

Probably the first thing you would encounter if you try kicking the overeating/overweight thing would be your own resistance to doing it; maybe you’d even ignore the idea before it became fully formed.

But if you stayed with the thought of doing it, and then actually did it, what then? Could you bear what you’d have to deal with emotionally? That would probably be the major issue.

Here’s how you could start; it could be a way to get your big toe in the water, at least. Try sticking with the thoughts, “I’ll be living without overeating and being overweight”. Just have the thoughts; let whatever emotions are triggered by your thoughts come as well. This is the first step.

The second step is to be more specific about things. Think about how it would be if you didn’t have that late night snack, if you didn’t have seconds, if you gave up desserts, if you didn’t cheat on your diet, if…if…if. You know the specifics. Keep them rolling; keep thinking (and feeling) about each and every one.

So, have these thoughts, and have the feelings that go with your thoughts. These are the first and second steps. Thinking is certainly not doing, not in the strict sense anyway. But it is doing something. And you may find that you’ve done something about the pain.

One of pain’s most closely held secrets is that it is shaped and sharpened (or dulled) by how you think of it. That’s why it’s so important, if you want to be able to withstand the pain of not overeating and being overweight, to start the process by just thinking. Think and let the feelings that come with these thoughts, come as they may.

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