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Wishes Involving Licorice and Perfume

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:03pm
In the newest hit romance novel called Wishes Involving Licorice and Perfume a dashing cowboy by the name of Horace Asprinflower who bears a striking resemblance to Matt Damon ( in his The Departed days of course) goes into a McDonald's because he is hungry and it's lunch time.

While Horace is ordering his usual small Oreo McFlurry and quarter pounder with cheese meal combo, a strange yet tender man in a nice and dapper Old Navy vest - who appears to be standing only a couple inches behind Horace - leans in and says into Horace's right ear with a slight stutter, "D-d-d-do  you le le le like licorice?"

Startled and aroused at the same time, Horace turns around and tells the strange man, "Why yes, I do. Do you got some...of that licorice?"

"Y-y-yea, back at my a-a-a-partment. W-w-want to come over and you know e-e-e-at that licorice?"

Horace gives the strange man a top to bottom gaze of approval and says, "Why yes...but only if I can spray your room with this...."

And Horace takes out a bottle of the craziest perfume that has ever been marketed to young men between the ages of 21 and 33 from his coat pocket, the one and only Hint No. 4.

The strange man nods and then proceeds to laugh like a donkey who has lost his way...heee....heee..hawwwwyoodle hee hee yoodle haw.

And well, you know where the story goes from here =).

In real life news that actually involves the reality that You and I both live in, I'm back down to 203.5 pounds. Hopefully I fucking get into onederland this week cuz I'm sick of gettin hyped up over poo.
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