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Winter Wonderland Weigh-In: Week 7

Posted Feb 10 2013 12:00am


It’s Winter! Which means that the weather turns chilly and a new year is just beginning. This year the period from January through March is going to be a Winter Wonderland for me – a time to focus on my weight loss and to finally, once-and-for-all achieve my pre-surgery weight loss requirement. Sunday weigh-ins will keep me accountable through the weekend, and will give me a positive goal to begin each new week.  This is the time of year resolutions are made and then quickly forgotten, but not with me.  I’m going to use this season to refresh my outlook, because I’m embarking on more than just a diet plan, I’m going to establish a lifestyle. My Sunday progress updates will be called Winter Wonderland Weigh-Ins.

Week 7 was most definitely a lucky one for me, although, really, luck had nothing to do with it.  I stayed committed to my new pre-op food plan, worked out 6 times, and was really active on MFP.

Awesome!  So, what did the scale show?!

This morning I weighed in at 293.0, which is a loss of 6.8 pounds from last week!  Which means I have 7 pounds go to until I can call Kaiser!!! 7s seem like they’re all around me this week.  I’m absolutely thrilled with this result! I worked really hard at the gym, pushed myself to make it through that afternoon hunger between the pm snack and dinner, and stayed motivated by reading blogs, engaging my peeps on MyFitnessPal, and watching my favorite YouTubers. 

In fact, I made my sessions on the recumbent bike a bit more interesting by watching lots of YT videos.  It really makes the time go by faster, and it keeps me inspired by watching all the weight loss success. There’s nothing like my workout playlist when I’m on the elliptical, but I’m liking this new tradition. It’s sometimes hard finding the time to watch all the video updates, so this helps me multitask.

Here’s this week’s workout plan:

Sunday: step cardio interval (OnDemand)
Monday:  gym: elliptical/bike
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: gym: elliptical/bike
Thursday: kickboxing (OnDemand)
Friday: gym: elliptical/bike
Saturday: Zumba

I can’t believe I’ve made it this far!  Seven pounds to go before I call Kaiser, at which point things set into motion with a psych evaluation, an EKG, and then the surgery date is set.  So exciting!!  My goal is to be able to make the call the week of the 17th.  I’m off for February Break/Presidents’ Week, so the timing would work well for me to be able to schedule all of the appointments.  I’m going to do everything I can to make that happen.


Until next Sunday, my friends. I hope the scale treats you well, and that you have a wonderful week!

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