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Posted Apr 05 2013 7:03pm

Friday. Finally!  And still windy.  I am not doing good with my 250 bike miles this month with strong winds all week. Today winds were 20 with gusts to 30 mph. That might be marginally okay when it is 80 degrees out, but in the upper 40s and low 50s – too cold for that much wind.  Not enjoyable, not even for walking. It’s sunny out, but no bueno when the flag does this:


I made a new breakfast!  Baked blueberry oatmeal.  Followed exactly from this recipe .

baked oatmeal

Looks tasty, no?

baked oatmeal

It is.  Even John gave it the thumb’s up.

We had the first garden club meeting of 2013 today.  Last fall I had offered a suggestion about having us meet at my house one month because I am going to be putting in some tippy pots and I thought they might want to see it done.

tipsy pots

Picture of said tippy pots and some directions from this website

Anyway, I hadn’t heard all winter so I figured the didn’t need me and then yesterday they called and asked if I could do this demo for the May 5th meeting!  Eeek!  I actually wish it was in June so my garden would be in bloom more.  They will be seeing just tulips pretty much.  Oh well.  I am nervous having this many people at my house.  The most I have had has been 8.  This will be 12 to 15 people and I play hostess as well (with the mostest).

Latte love after I got back from the garden club!


I love my owl cup.  I named it Owlie.  Cause I am so creative with names…

I am a swinging bachelorette this weekend!  John is away this weekend, so I am spending Saturday with my sister and her girls hiking around the Saratoga Battlefield.  Should be fun.  I might try to convince them to do a smidge of biking as well  :mrgreen:

Bachelorette dinner?  Leftover pizza!


John and I went out for dinner at a new place that has a wood-fired oven for pizza. Very tasty and we brought home leftovers.  I might have had the last sliver, too.  Just sayin’.

Here is to less wind this weekend – please!!

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