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Win The Battle Of The Bulge

Posted Feb 16 2010 2:19am

This is a guest post on behalf of Feeling Bloated? Sluggish and overweight? Many of us want to change our lifestyles so our life improves. Attempting to make changes is the easy bit, putting these changes into effect is whole other ball game. Sometimes our daily routines sabotage all our attempts.

It is hard to keep on track when trying to being healthy. Dieting is tough, even for the best of us. You need to not only keep on a healthy eating regime going you need to exercise as well, keeping up the enthusiasm to continue down the healthier route is hard. Thousands of us join gyms every year with big dreams of loosing all excess weight and having a dream body. We start with all the best intentions, but then our enthusiasm fizzles out and most of us never go back. This may be for a multitude of reasons, some of us just can’t find the time. Life can be a difficult balancing act normally, without the pressures of as well. Trying to juggle work, family, a social life and a healthy lifestyle is just not possible. And for many the gym is a very scary place, full of svelte, perfectly proportioned people.

If you are carrying a little extra weight it can be daunting to mingle with these people. For many it’s easier and a lot more comfortable to just sit in front of the TV tucking into convenience food. If this sounds like you it is important to recognise that mind set is a very important factor when trying to live healthy and loose weight.

If you don’t think you will enjoy the gym you won’t. Thinking like this is a very dangerous game. You will end up being trapped in a vicious circle, being unhappy with your weight can cause you to become depressed and crush all your self confidence. Then low self confidence and depression can lead to comfort eating, which nearly always ends up in overindulgence. There are many reasons why people become overweight and unhealthy.

Stress can cause us to overeat, we feel that after a hard day at work we deserve a bit of chocolate or slice of cake. But then when you associate food and feeling in this way it plays havoc with your sub conscience. You are rewarding yourself for feeling down and stressed, which when you think about it is probably one of the worst things you could do.

You wouldn’t reward a dog for biting someone would you? Other reasons may be lack of motivation, if your not really bothered about loosing weight and living a healthier lifestyle it won’t happen. Nothing happens with out effort. Some of us just don’t have the focus or concentration it requires to loose weight.

It’s not easy, you really need to think about what your eating, how much your eating, exercising and how often you exercise. You can’t just pop a ready meal in the microwave and expect to loose pounds. Life Coaching may not seem an obvious answer to dieting troubles but a life coach can help you maintain the focus and drive you need to maintain a healthy life and . Life Coaches can help an individual to find the root cause of your problems and then help you to change your reactions when faced with these problems.

Life coaches help you find the silver lining in each situation. They can help you find inspiration to loose weight and help you stay on track. Finding a life coach can be a boring and frustrating experince. Life Coach Directory is a great way to find a life coach near you. You can search the site by postcode, town or county to find your nearest life coach. You can also see details of each coaches qualifications, experience, training, contact details and fees. All the coaches listed on the site are fully insured and qualified.

Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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