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Will Water Make You Lose Weight

Posted Dec 24 2008 11:29am

Do you often wonder if the rumours are true and will water make you lose weight? There are so many weight loss diet plans in the market these days, but, not many of them focus on the most important aspect of losing weight - hydration.

One of the best way if not the best way to lose weight is to drink more water. Most people trend not to drink enough, and as a result can be dehydrated easily without even knowing it. One of the symptoms of dehydration is “false” hunger. Therefore by drinking more water, a person can feel less hunger pangs and hence eat less food. A reduction in calories consumed is obviously of huge benefit to someone wanting to lose weight. Drinking more water will also have the effect of increasing your body’s metabolism of stored fat. Drinking more water is a very important aspect of a weight loss program, and should be one of your top priorities if weight loss is your main goal.

The recommended allowance for drinking water is at least 8 glasses per day. But hey do’t get it wrong here! The water in question is mineral water, not coke, juices nor is it caffeine. Whenever you drink 8 glasses of water per day, your body gets enough water to keep it hydrated and you would experience less hunger pangs all through the day. But importantly, water has zero calorie content which means you would never have to worry about adding more weight.

Many dieters who are not used to drinking water tend to stuff themselves with sodas, juices and caffeines all of which are not healthy. Drinking 5 to 10 glasses of soda, you are indirectly adding more pounds to your body weight. Recent medical research shows that obesity may be linked to junk foods but it is not the MAJOR cause of obesity. People with excess unwanted fats may sometime be retaining a little more than just greasy foods in their body and the main reason for this is directly linkable to simplified sugar which is present in your innocent looking orange juice.

will water make you lose weight? Yes, definitely but soda is not water. You must learn to limit or totally avoid sweet drinks throughout the day. Instead, go for a cool bottle of mineral water. The more water you drink, the more detoxified your body gets. Water even makes your skin clearer. Your mom was right, and it wasn’t just old wives’ tale. Water really does benefit your body in more ways than one.

What about caffeine?

There are many medical researches that caffeine intake could boost the body’s capacities to burn calories. This is why so many people have resorted to drinking excess amount of coffer per day. This may be true, but it is not totally true.

Caffeine is known for it’s ability to make your heart rate faster, which is the main reason for abrupt weight loss but the truth is, caffeinated drinks are also diuretics. And what this means is that coffee can deprieve the body of it much needed moisture. Drinking coffee is not bad, infact I also drink coffee but to counter dehydration effects you will need to drink at least 2 big glasses of water.

The point is, whenever your body is dehydrated, your metabolic rate tends to slow down. Simply by refilling your body and teaching it not to save too much water and energy, it will slowly adjust to your intake in time.

Water alone will not help you much weigth. Recent medical reseaches show that water can dramatically improve your metabolic rate by at much as thirty percent but this is only possible if you are not obese and maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

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