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will i lose weight on a 1300 calorie a day diet, and if so how fast will i lose it???? please answer

Posted by michelle

im 16 and 5'6 i weigh aound 160 and i want to go down to 125(i know its low but its what i want) i plan to have the weight off and kept off by summer of 2010, but hopefully i will lose some of it by halloween.

 i cheerlead 2 times a week for an hour and a half.  please dont be negative or say im anoraxic..stuff ike that.

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You will need to make every single calorie count to protect your vital organs from damage.

Avoid all nutrient depleted processed and cooked foods and concentrate on foods rich in essential fats especially EPA and DHA, foods rich in anti oxidents and essential amino acids.

Make sure you are getting good sources of nutrients such as iron, zinc and b vitamins and also vitamin D

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