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Will Dr. Oz’s 6-Meal Plan Give You A Six Pack?

Posted Feb 11 2010 5:14am
I really enjoy Dr. Oz. In factI’m often teased by those closest to me that he’s my boyfriend… I don’t watch much T.V.but one of the few of the shows that I do record is “The Doctor Oz Show” along with a few others like “Brothers and Sisters”“Grays Anatomy” and “The Amazing Race”. Oksorry about the tangent.   So getting back to Dr. Oz. The show I watched todayfeatured Dr. Oz’s 6-Meal Plan for those who work long hours. Over allI agree with a good portion of what he includes in the planbut there are a couple things that I’d do differently. I also think that he’s got some great ways to make planning easywhich is a big plus when it comes to fitting in better eating habits to our crazy lifestyles. Isn’t that the biggest reason (lack of time) why most of us make crappy food decisions?  
In the first part of his plan he automates your meals.(Good idea) For people who work long shifts like the nurses on the show he suggested they eat 6 mini meals. His take was that if you eat 6 smaller meals throughout the day it will provide constant energy and keep your blood sugar more even keel so you avoid making those bad food choices when your STARVING and have few options. I agree with that. 
He then says to pack ahead (a must do) and bring your 6 mini meals to work and eat them in the same order. Don’t think that’s necessary. The reason he gives for that is to eliminate room for error. Personally I think that could get kinda boring and I don’t think it’s good to eat the same stuff each and every day. I think you need to mix it up not only to make things more interestingbut I believe you’ll reduce your chances of developing food sensitivities or allergies too. Below are the examples that he gives that are posted on his site
Mini-meal #1: Protein
You can choose from a variety of food choicesbut your first meal must be a protein. Healthy options include:
Greek yogurt
Lean meats
Click here for a healthy salmon burger recipe.
Mini-meal #2: Healthy Fats
Againthere is flexibility in the kind of healthy fat you can havebut keep the food in the same category. Options include:
Canned salmon (which contains Omega-3s)
Mini-meal #3: Whole Grains
Whole-wheat bagel with low-fat cream cheese (Don’t agree with low fat regular dairy products eitherbut that’s a topic for another post.)
Brown rice
Whole-wheat breadpasta or crackers
Wild rice
Mini-meal #4: Fiber
Grains and whole-grain products
Beanspeas and other legumes
Nuts and seeds
Mini-meal #5: Metabolism Booster
Salad with hot green peppers
Click here for his metabolism-boosting tips.
Mini-meal #6: Healthy Sweets
Dark chocolate
Click here for a quinoa (great whole grain) fruit pudding recipe.
Other things he added to the plan is that you take a multi vitamin and vitamin D supplement. I agree with that 100%. Foods todayeven the real whole foods that we should be eatingjust don’t have all the nutrients that they used to contain. And the other thing he suggests is to include physical activity. That’s also a must do if your goal is to lose weight and I’d even take the suggestion a step further by adding some type of strength training and interval cardiovascular exercise that makes you sweat your butt off like the “Cellulite Circuits” program.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention one of the most common missing links in most folks weight loss plans that he talked about. Get that Social support and find a buddy to join youjoin a community like a forum or blog about it online and get your commitment out there. Make it known. It’s been proven time and time again that those who have helpget it done!
You have any other thoughts that he or I missed? If sojot them down in the comments section.
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