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Wife of the Year Award

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:15pm
"I'd like to thank the Academy and everyone who recognizes what an awesome wife I's an honour just to be nominated..."

Why you ask? Well because how many other wives would go to their husband's company xmas party, not feeling the greatest and be the DD while having to listen to a geek fest of techies go on and on and on for hours about "Java" and "C++" while running up a pretty hefty bar tab! Yup! I was the only girl who toughed it out. The only female employee didn't make the "after party" which was the men having drinks in the bar lounge of the Westin where all of this fun took place and the other "boss' wife" also called it an early night because she is 4 months preggers.

And then there was one.

Or that's how it felt anyways! But, being the awesome wife I am, I just sat there occasionally piping up to try to listen and be involved in what they were going on about. I didn't complain either - damn I deserve something great for xmas this year! :-D

So the night didn't exactly go as planned! The company had reservations at Elements restaurant for 5:30 where they were to order from this menu and then catch the 7:30 show at Yuk Yuks. We show up and it turns out that "Mark" had us all booked in for 8:30 dinner and the late show. The restaurant was full of only company xmas parties and they had no tables for our party of 11 (which turned out to be only 9), so the maitre de/host started to panic and say how this isn't the first time this has happened with "Mark" and they weren't a "huge fan" of his. But that they would accommodate us by having 3 booths in a row next to each other. It wasn't as bad as it normally would have been as far as most restaurants having "separate booths" because they weren't partitioned off like most places, so that wasn't so bad. We ended up pulling them together somehow.

So we noticed that they had a buffet set up and that's what everyone else was doing. The waiter came and we were waiting and waiting for our menus and then the waiter explains that they always have the groups do the buffet and if we wanted to order from that menu, it would be at least a 40 min wait which wouldn't work because they had to change our show reservation for the early show (which is what we were supposed to be booked for anyways) and since there was no time to order from that other menu (which is the menu you order from with the Elements/Yuk Yuks package). The waiters were really great and did a great job of trying not to show their frustration with "Mark" but hubby wanted to speak to him because at this point we had no idea if we were even booked into the early show or whether we'd have to wait until 9:30 for the late show which wasn't going to work for the group being there for 5:30. So "Mark" comes over and he's not dressed like one of the Elements employees, really rugged-casual jeans, t-shirt and open overshirt and he comes over with an attitude about "not understanding what the confusion was" (even though he spoke to hubby on Thursday and confirmed our 5:30 reservation). Anyway, he said he "got us into" the early show with "seats by the bar" and we could serve ourselves at the buffet because they only do that other menu at 8:30.

Okay whatever, we can go and get the buffet no problem because there would be no waiting and buffets are great because you get lots to choose from. There was a salad bar which was good, but the entrees of the buffet were: roast turkey with stuffing, roast beef, herb mashed potatoes, veggies and mussels. There was no vegetarian option for one of our guys who doesn't eat meat. I was really surprised by that because there was an entire restaurant full of people who really had no choice but to have this buffet and they had no vegetarian option for vegetarians (other than the obvious vegetables, but no protein source). I felt really bad for the guy with our party. That wasn't cool at all - they should have had a vegetarian protein option.

Anyway, the waiters were really nice and have us a free round of drinks etc. and they were stellar. It's a nice spot at that restaurant too and I'd love to go back on a regular night and order off the menu.

So we get to Yuk Yuks (down the hall from the restaurant) and there's "Mark" as the doorman trying to get everyone in and seated and we get in there and he's got us stuffed in the back somewhere (worst seats in the house by far) and then he moves us at the last minute to some table seating (taking someone elses seats which we didn't realize at the time until a disgruntled drunk lady ended up sitting next to hubby and vented to him about how much they weren't pleased at ALL with "Mark" because they were with the RCMP or some similar division out of town and he screwed everything up for big surprise, right? Way to go "Mark!"

So the MC guy at YY was really funny! We all laughed quite a bit at him. The second guy, not so much, he wasn't very funny, but whatevs, the headliner was yet to home. And then they announced the headliner as "Mark" who proceeds to go up on stage and try and make us laugh at him for 45 mins. We didn't think he was funny, needless to say. He kept looking at his watch and told a joke that hubby heard on the radio two days before. Turns out that the guy who was "supposed" to be the headliner never showed so "Mark" had to fill in and save the day.

What a hero.

Too bad though, because I've been there twice before and it was a good time both time. So after the show it was then that the crew decided to go for a drink at that hotel lounge bar where the "after party" took place and I earned the "Wife of the Year Award." They all enjoyed themselves and kind of saved the night as far as the trainwreck went thus far. That was the main thing. They enjoyed it, got to "talk shop" with hubby and his biz partner. All was good.

So me? I didn't particularly pay much attention to counting my POINTS (booo me), but I also didn't eat until I felt stuffed either. I had some salad, peice of bread/roll, some turkey, beef, stuffing, potatoes, veggies, few mussell, and various bites of an assortment of desserts. No so good on the POINTS bank, but meh. I had a little bit of wine (I just typed whine - sub-conscious?). On the way home hubby needed "greasy" food and the pizza place was closed, so we went through the McD's drivethru. Neither of us could seriously remember the last time either of us had McD's. I had a few chicken nuggets for good measure. Honestly I think I wanted to see if I felt like I had missed anything from there.

Turns out - NOPE! I don't miss it in the least. It actually kind of turns my stomach to think about places like that now....eeeeeeeeew.

So bottom line is I simply had to have gone over my POINTS. The scale is, in fact, up this morning (booooooo), but now I'm getting geared up to go to hot yoga with Lynn and Bionic (and maybe Lesley), since I am feeling much better from the last couple of days (although not great by far) and I'm hoping to "sweat it out" whatever "it" is. Hopefully a good sweat is exactly what I need, since I haven't been able to work up a sweat in what seems like ages.

OH and there weren't any pics from last night, but I got hubby snap this one of me at about 1:30 a.m. after we got home. It's not the greatest angle and I've got my glasses on and it's not a great pic, but I've put off posting a picture long enough and I promised, so here's the hair:

And as I have learned this morning, it pulls back into a mini pony, so I should be good for yoga with my lulu headband.

This morning's eat was a bit of a Brunch since I slept in a bit and I don't want to eat anymore until after hot yoga which is "Sunday Dinner" at MIL's house which I have now been informed is lasagne & garlic bread. Today I made a BLT with egg (Egg Creations) on a wrap with a cup of coffee with blend, PB2 and some stevia to sweeten for a total of 6.5POINTS:

And I will bring an apple with me to yoga if I feel like I need something afterwards on my way to supper, but other than that, I don't plan on having anything other than water until supper.
ttfn and I'll be back to update about our first hot yoga experience!
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