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Posted Feb 13 2013 5:18am
Happy WIAW everyone. Did you all survive Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day? I had a lovely dinner last night, savoury cheese, onion and mushroom pancakes followed by a classic sugar and lemon juice pancake, and I finished with one with all the topping imaginable. Alas I will not be sharing pictures of last nights pancake eating- although I'm sure I will at some point this week!
In fact unfortunately I won't be sharing pictures at all today. You know how I have no internet? Well that means that at the moment I have a system of writing posts in text edit, and then I copy and paste into a post when I have internet access, and I upload the pictures via the blogger app on my iPhone. So last night I wrote most of this post, ready for a quick copy and paste this morning, only to realise that I have left my phone at home, and so I have no damn pictures. So what I am going to do is use a few recycled pictures, and hopefully use the power of the descriptive word, and then tomorrow morning I shall upload those little buggers pictures, and insert them where they should be!

What a hassle, eh? So here's what I did on Monday!

Breakfast was two fried eggs.

 Morning snacks included an orange, a few almonds, a pear , and I'm still drinking Alibi pretox drink, although yesterday I had the pomegranate one, which is my favourite!

Lunch was turkey mince cooked with courgette, peppers and mushrooms in some curry spices, and topped with avocado. I did also go for a walk: same route, different dress.

I also had some plain yogurt topped with flaked almonds and two chopped persimmons: I bought a monster tub of plain yogurt last week, so I'm busy eating my way through it!

Before I headed to the gym I ate a banana with almond butter. I could still see daylight :)

Stupidly I forgot to pack my sports bra, so I had to make sure things were pretty low impact, if you know what I mean! I did 12 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical, followed by a circuit which involved quite a few squats and side planks! I'm doing my best to strengthen my obliques as per the physio's orders!

I actually nearly forgot to take a picture of my dinner, but just about remembered before it was all gone! (but I suppose now I have no picture it doesn't natter!)  I chopped up some sausages, a red onion, some cabbage and mushrooms, fried up in coconut oil with medium curry spice and some tomato puree.

I ended the day on a sweet note, my mum had baked some fairy cakes, and who can resist one smothered in chocolate? Shockingly I can't find a picture of a fairy cake in my picture archive. Very shocking when you consider my love for them!

For me Monday was all about going back to eating as paleo as possible. I've been reading up on what life is like post whole30, and how little 'slip ups' or eating off plan, or the occasional 'treat/ forbidden' food is going to happen. The way I've figured it, if it is something packaged, that I can get at any time, isn't special, and that ultimately I just want it cos its there, then it is probably not worth it. However if it is something I've been lusting over for a long time, or something special or home made, such as when your mum bakes you fairy cakes, well then those are the moments you should probably dive right in (within reason of course!). I knew those fairy cakes where gong to be in the house for the rest of the week, so knowing I've had one and enjoyed it means that I can move on and not obsess about whether or not I'm going to have one. I've been doing a lot of thinking about what happens now, so I shall try and get a blog up in the next few days about that. I've had a great response to my Whole30 Wrap Up post - I'm so glad you all enjoyed it!

What is your favourite oblique exercise? I feel like I'm doing them all, but am open to some suggestions! One's that open up the hips would be great too, I've been feeling very stiff!

Could you turn down your mums baking?  Never! 

What is the best thing you ate today? The day is young yet, I'm sure there are plenty of good things to come!

Do you feel lost without your phone? Technology and me just don't get along recently!
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