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Posted Dec 05 2012 5:16am
Morning everyone! Happy WIAW !

Here's a look at what I ate on Tuesday.

Breakfast was my favourite scrambled eggs topped with avocado and a pinch of sea salt. I have started making my morning eggs in the microwave to save time, I just quickly whisk them and then nuke them for a minute, and then whisk them again. I also eat out of the jug I use which saves on washing up, so a win, win if you ask me!

My snack of choice this week are these raw almonds, I forgot how good they are. I had ten in the morning...

as well as my usual pear.

And then before I could turn around it was lunch time.

I had a salad with spinach, beetroot, chicken and avocado. I really need to start making a soup of some sorts that will help warm me up at lunch time.

I then had a crisp pink lady. I really should branch out on my choice of apples, but I love these so much.

In the afternoon as I sat at my desk I ate another 10 almonds.

Then it was transformation time! This scarf coupled with royal blue and red lips is my go too outfit at the moment.

I never usually co-ordinate my gym clothes, I just use whatever I find first, whether or not it clashes, so I was quite impressed that I was in all black and pink Nike.

And then it was gym time! I started off with five minutes of 45 second intervals on the rowing machine to warm up, then twenty minutes of one minute high intensity and resistance intervals, with one minute of recovery on the cross-trainer/elliptical (is there a difference?!). In the past week I have started going hands free on the cross trainer. Anyone else do this? It really engages your core, and I could feel it a lot more in my glutes too. If you try this yourself, firstly of course, be careful, I recommend that you become familiar with your cross-trainer first! Secondly you have to set the resistance to medium high. If the resistance is too low, you'll end up going too fast and most probably fall off! However set the resistance too high and I find that you are going too slow, and your core won't be challenged... although you'll feel it in your glutes! For reference the cross-trainer I use doesn't have the 'flailing arm thing' as I call them: I always chose the one without the arms as I just don't get the point of them, it's doing nothing for your arms, just making it much easier for your legs! Sometimes I get stuck on the ones with the arms, but I just hold the handrail provided instead, ,but maybe next time I'm stuck with one of them I'll try goings hands free!

Anyway, after I finished on the crosstrainer I went on to do a series of kettlebell and strength training moves, including kettlebell swings, kettlebell windmills, plank, squats and press, backwards lunges, chest flies, shrugs, and many many more. I just did one set of everything, except fro a couple like the swings and the squats which I like so did twice! I used various different weights depending on the move, I just wanted to keep on working and give every move my all for one set!

And then food time!

So I made a huge mug of tea with the tea bag, and shared the cake with Iesyn, alongside a bigger dessert: warm chopped apples sprinkled with cinnamon with coconut cream poured over and a few slithered almonds.

It was eaten in bed while watching Dexter: working my way through the first series!

What's the best thing you ate today? I've just had the same breakfast today: winner!

What is your favourite workout at the moment?
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