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WIAW: Thinking of Boston

Posted Apr 17 2013 4:10am

I was meant to be writing a blog post on Monday evening when the news unfolded. In the end I had to switch the news off as it was just too awful, but I couldn't bring myself to write a blog post then, I just didn't have the words. Even now I don't think I'm expressing myself very well, but regardless I feel that I need to let my thoughts out.  I was at a bit of a loss what to do with myself really, so on Tuesday I did the one thing I felt I could do: I went for a run. It was basically my little way of saying fuck you to whoever did this: you can't stop us. My plans for one day running a marathon have not faltered. The worst thing to happen as a result of this would be for people to stop running, so I'm going to keep on going, who knows, one day I might find myself running the Boston Marathon. I've been there twice before and it really is such a lovely city, and I've always said I'd love to visit again.

Running is such a positive experience, with a marathon being many peoples life goal, an accumulation of a lot of hard work, and dedication. My thoughts go out to everyone affected in Boston, and although I can't help but feel angry at what happened and the fear it has bought into running, it has shown how close the running community is, and that there is still a lot of good in the world.


And now here's the usual WIAW post: I'm sharing what I ate on Monday.

I am not a morning person at all, so I was very bleary eyed that I woke up at 6.30 am. The reason for the early hour was a my first morning CrossFit session!

I needed something in my stomach, so I ate a boiled egg, and an apple. Iestyn did make us a coffee each, but I only managed a few sips, before I was running through the door.

At CrossFit we worked on our front squats, it might be the simplest of moves but I'm still struggling with coming forwards while squatting, but we're confident that practise practise practise will fix this, and apparently I'm just too flexible! When it came to squatting with a bar we worked our way up to 40kg which felt comfortable. I did attempt 50kg, but I wasn't getting anywhere near deep enough in the position, so we've decided that it's best for me to work at a lighter weight while I fix my technique.

The WOD was an absolute killer, my abs are absolutely killing me still today! It involved doing 4 rounds of plank for 3 minutes, and then36 squats. That's a total of 12 minutes of planking: that's insane! We were allowed to take breaks while planking, but we had to count them. I had a pile of stones to help keep count, but in the end I was having so many breaks I thought I was going to run out of stones! Overall I took 19 breaks, which is pretty bad, but at least it gives me something to aim for next time.

I then I whizzed to work the brightest shade of red ever, quickly got changed, and got to my desk to eat breakfast and hopefully fade into a more normal shade of pink before my colleagues arrived!

Breakfast number two was a sweet potato pancake with a slice of bacon and a dollop of almond butter. I needed something very filling to refuel after CrossFit, but also something easily transportable and this was great, I just warmed it in the micro for a few seconds. And of course a mug of coffee!

Mid morning I snacked on a few almonds which went unpictured.

I was very excited for lunch as I had leftovers from dinner the night before. Iestyn made Paleo Tandoori Chicken with carrot mash and stir fried veggies: I'll try and get the recipe of him for a post later this week, it really was gorgeous.

Because I'm silly and have lost my purse I didn't have many options for dinner. I've been at Iestyn's house for the past week, so I've been eating there, and I hadn't had the chance to head to the bank to get some cash out, so I was a bit limited with what I had to eat. First up I ate this leftover bowl of chicken curry soup which was great.

Luckily for me I found £3 rolling about the bottom of my handbag so I bought eggs and peppers for this lovely, if a bit boring dinner.

Eating for the day was finished with a large mug of tea, and two rows of Green and Black Espresso chocolate.

The events at Boston have made me thankful that we have this little community going, so thank you all for reading my blog and supporting me, and sharing your journeys through your own blogs.

What was the best thing you ate today?
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