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WIAW #6 – summer, summer, Summertime!

Posted Jun 13 2012 12:00am

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another WIAW. What I Ate Wednesday is a fun weekly post/blog social event started over at Peas and Crayons . If you want to follow my eats everyday, become my friend on MyFitnessPal .

As promised, now that school is out and I’m on summer vacation, I’ll never miss a WIAW post, which means I’ll be able to share my weekly eats for the next 10 weeks, minimum. Fun stuff!

I mentioned on Tuesday that I am back at the top of my game in terms of nutrition, but I want to emphasize that the 1200-calorie days are now my lifestyle, not just the pre-op diet. After meeting with the nutritionist last Friday, she re-emphasized that I needed to cut out snacks. The thinking is that after weight-loss surgery, I won’t be eating snacks, so they want to encourage me to begin those behaviors now. The meal plan is set up so that each meal is about 400 calories, which is more than I’d been eating per meal, but ends up being less overall throughout the day, because of the elimination of snacks. I did tell her that ever since I quit smoking (almost two years ago, woot!!), I’ve started craving something sweet after dinner, which has been my downfall lately. So she said it would be acceptable for me to take some calories from breakfast (because I don’t like eating so much first thing in the morning) and have a piece of fruit with some cheese or a yogurt as a “dessert.” Perfect.

Since I have two days of food to share with you, I decided to divide this post up by days, rather than meal type.

~Monday, June 11~

I don’t have a lunch photo because I was sort of rushing around between errands and then meeting my dad to go swimming.

Monday was an excellent day.  I wasn’t hungry at all, and stayed well within my calories.  Eating the three larger meals worked really well.

~Tuesday, June 12~

Tuesday I had the type of breakfast the nutritionist wants me to eat every day.  Actually, she wants me to add in a piece of cheese, but I saved that for later in the day.

Tuesday’s lunch was absolutely delicious, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys lentils and Mediterranean flavors.  You can get the recipe here .

Tuesday I was over my calories by 137, which isn’t bad, considering it’s my second day doing this. Still, I’m going to do my best to stop having the dessert and instead, satisfy my sweet tooth with this…

Coffee never affects my ability to sleep, and since I always seem to have some leftover from the morning brew, I might as well use it this way.  The Stevia helps sweeten it and drinking a zero-calorie drink helps to fill me up.  Win win.

So far so good with this new lifestyle.  It’s incredible what a change in mindset, followed by positive actions, can do!

I highly recommend joining in on the WIAW posts! Not only do you get a TON of great ideas for healthy, interesting meals, but you can make some new blogging buddies, too.

What was the best thing you ate today? This week?

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