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WI Results = -0.2 lbs Etc.

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:16pm
Okay, I'm going to do my best to keep going strong. I wasn't great really over the weekend. We had dinner at FH's business partner's house and it was delicious (and healthy to boot) although I'm sure not within the points. They made maple salmon, roasted potatoes, asparagus, turnip and carrots. Super healthy, but since supper was running really late, we munched on cheese and crackers and a glass of wine while we chatted and waited. And of course there was dessert. It was actually really good and an easy recipe I'm going to have to make myself. It was a "couples" dessert. She sliced up two bowls of granny smith apples (one for each couple) and made two saucers each spread with a bottom layer of cream cheease, melted caramel spread over top of that and a crunched up Skor bar overtop of that and you scooped it up with your apples. It was delicious with the tart from the apple, creaminess from the cream cheese, sweet from the caramel and crunchy from the skor and the apple. I'm sure I could make a healthier version of it.

And last night Iindulged in a little too much b-day cake, but oh friggin' well. No cryin' and sulking going on here. I've always been willing to accept the reasons why the scale hasn't shown me great results when my choices weren't the greatest. My life hasn't been all marshmallowy and sunshine in the past 6 months and I've managed to stay the same weight (up and down the same 2 pounds), so I'm not going to cry over it. With that said, it is time to STEP IT UP and get a bit smaller for that dress! Randi is absolutely right, although the Women's Health Fitness Plan is slightly intense for me personally, I do need to step it up because what I am doing right now is keeping me where I am, so stepping it up with 100% effort and that cannot fail me.

Moving on to another crazy hectic week to come. No free time at all - NONE. Lord help me!

OH and GUESS WHAT I GOT FOR MY B-DAY FROM FH! He bought me the Nike + iPod and arm band! Yay!!! He wanted to get me one of those fancy Garmin GPS running gadgets, but since they are relatively expensive and I'm still pretty darn new at the running gig, he thought I should start out with this and I agree. I think the Garmin would be an excellent upgrade later on down the road as some sort of reward. I can't wait to try it out! I don't have the Nike sneakers, but lots of people have come up with plenty of inventive ways to attach the little sensor to your regular sneaker. My pedorthist who fitted me for my orthotics recommended me staying away from Nike sneakers for some reason anyway.
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