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Why You Should Monitor your Body Fat Percentage When Losing Weight ?

Posted Dec 11 2012 4:52am
Knowledge regarding how to calculate fat percentage for weight loss helps dieters to have proper, safe and effective weight management. Not only does it help to lose weight but also proves beneficial to know about what should be ones exact fat percentage, as per the age, gender, height and physical activities that are performed at the work place and at home. Accordingly, one can adopt effective measures and try to maintain a healthy body fat percentage.

What is Body Fat Percentage?

Body fat percentage is the body fat ratio and the overall composition of ones body system. In general, the human body comprise of different type of tissues, plenty of water, muscular system, fats, bones, and various kind of specialized tissues that constitute different type of organs. In simple words, one can assume that it is the exact percentage of ones body weight that comprise of fats. The remaining part is the 'lean body mass'

How to determine the Percentage of Body Fat?

To determine the percentage of body fat, various methods could be adopted. However, one must take proper care so that the methods that get used up are accurate and thus, help to have correct results. It has been found that the more accurate methods are somewhat expensive. Some very common methods that are popular to determine the body fat percent are: Full body X-ray scan, application of Skin-fold calipers, usage of BIA, that is Bioelectrical Impedance or Navy tape measure method.  [See eweightcalculator ]

Why You Should Monitor your Body Fat Percentage When Losing Weight ?

When losing weight, it is essential to monitor the percentage of body fat because it helps the person to get exact details about it. This way, it becomes easy to find how much one should eat so that the already existing body fat gets maintained. Moreover, things like bringing down the percentage of excess fats too becomes possible.
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