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Why You Can't Always Trust the News

Posted by AregM

A number of prominent UK newspapers have declared that "Size 12 is too fat for young women". In US terms this is equivalent to a Size 10. The newspapers then go on to list what else young women think. * Liz Hurley is the woman whose body most would like to emulate. * Six out of ten women think "size zero" is attractive. * 97 per cent think size 12 (US size 10) is fat. The UK Telegraph also lists some other gems 13 per cent had taken "speed" or cocaine to increase their metabolism and almost half had taken slimming pills or bought diet drugs on the internet. Let's get something straight here. This is not representative of what young women think. Survey? This published information is from a survey of 5,000 women that was carried out by Emap. Emap own the magazines Grazia, Closer, and New Woman. The "survey" was actually conducted on-line across the magazines websites. ....Continued on
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