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Why, Why??

Posted Nov 05 2009 5:04am
Today, meaning Wednesday night- early Thursday morning was a good day for me eating wise and exercising. After meeting with my weight loss challenge group on Tuesday and starting a new challenge I feel energized to face this thing head on. I know their will be challenges that lie ahead of me but I am commited to finding a way to hit my goal of 155lbs by December 20th.

Yesterday I shared at the weight loss challenge a piece from a Chris's blog on her reasons Why she wants to lose weight. I will just share a little bit here(Oct. 7th I believe it was)-

" Our fat is our protection, our guardian, our friend. Oh, out loud you don't call it that. You want to get rid of it. You hate it.
But have you ever really looked at it? Have you never looked at why? If you have started losing weight, someone notices and then.. you binge. I hate to be the one to tell you this , but there is a deepr reason that just, "I like food." If you find yourself eating when your not hungry, to fill a void, to feed the loneliness, it's not just, "I like food". If you keep gettting to ceratin number and are unable to pass it, there is a bigger reason. There is a mental block to going lower. You are going to have to figure out why."
It goes on but I just want to get the point accross of what she is saying.

For me being overweight is more a depression thing, a way of dealing with not having life the way I want it to be. If I am happy, I tend to take care of myself better and eat healthier and exercise more. If I am depreesed, lonely and beating myself up, I eat, drink, gamble, cry and sleep. Most men don't admit to crying but I do on occasion, its more of a slow cry and an emptyness in my heart but its still a cry. Its the weirdess thing, sometimes I almost feel happy at this point, its like I am letting go a little and its a weird sense of relief for me. In any case I know that my reason Why I want to get healthy and lose weight is the biggest hurly for me. I feel like I have an amazing weight loss program with herbalife to follow, its just keeping my Why strong enough to follow it. Without that reason why it doesn't matter how strong the program is, it won't work.

Another blog I was reading today has there Why's right on there blog frontpage, I might look into trying to do something similiar- this is the blog -

Happy Thursday everyone!
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