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Why the focus on pre-wedding diets?

Posted by Kristen D.

I just recently became a bride-to-be, and for some reason, it got me thinking about the diet and exercise regimens that some brides seem to start before the wedding. Some I've heard of are more intense than others, which just focus on toning and some minor slimming of the body.

A question for both the men and women-did you begin a new regimen before your wedding? Why? And what was your goal?

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I didn't do any pre wedding dieting, but a friend of mine did. I altered her strapless dress for her a month before the wedding and she continued dieting to the extent that it was falling off of her at the wedding. I'm not sure what the reasoning is. Evidently your fiance fell in love with you the way you are so why try to slim down for the relatives you only see once every ten years?

Congrats! Like Mary Ann, I didn't do anything. I think people who diet and exercise before the wedding have been thinking about losing weight for a while, but have had no motivation, so their wedding is the right excuse. People also want to look picture perfect since these are photos and memories you will have for ever. I just concentrated on finding a dress that looked good on me (and it wasn't a traditional white dress).

Have fun with the day and don't worry about falling for the pre-wedding diet.

Thanks for the congratulations! I'm very excited.

I agree with what your both saying. Larisa, you have a good point that some people perhaps have been wanting to lose some weight, and how this could be a motivation. I think if it's motivating them to change their lifestyle that's great, I would just hope that they make it a permanent change and not just one simply for the wedding.

Hi -- congrats!

I am getting married in August and after we got engaged I thought, oh, I should probably loose around 5-10 lbs for the big day to look "perfect" --- for me, it's a matter of knowing those pics will be around forever, and just wanted to be a bit more toned. I'm not doing anything crazy. I joined in the Biggest Loser competition at work, and just started going to the gym more.  Don't want flabby arms in my strapless dress!

But - it's not really something I'm stressing about... 

Best of luck with planning! Have fun! 

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