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Why Is It So Hard to Lose the Weight You Want to Lose?

Posted Dec 12 2010 6:22am

Make no mistake about it, losing the weight you want to lose is a daunting task. That's why it's so hard to start, stick to it, and then keep the weight off for good.

Daunting tasks call for more than we're used to giving. So we can't do what it takes without stretching ourselves. But let's just imagine for a moment a perfect world, a perfect you, in which you have what it takes to measure up to the "daunt" of it all. What would you look like?

  • You would probably be a person who copes very effectively with pressure and adversity
  • You would recover quicly enough from failures and missteps.
  • You would persist and refuse to quit.
  • Your resilience would shine through.
  • You would believe in being able to control the outcome of things in your life.
  • Pressure would be a challenge you look forward to.
  • You would seek out opportunities for personal growth.
  • You wouldn't mind operating outside of your comfort zone.
  • When you got the chance, you would look for challenges and take risks.
  • You would take on these challenges and risks despite the anxiety they provoke.

Said all together like this is nothing if it is not daunting. But so is making any big personal change such as losing the weight. Don't make it a catch 22. When it's daunting, you have to take off the gloves, dig deep inside and come up with what it takes. Otherwise, the result will match the statistics: 62% of women between 20 nd 74 are overweight; on any given day 45% of women are dieting; 80% of people who try to keep the weight off, fail to do so.


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