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Why has my boyfriend been vomitting up blood and coffee ground material for 2 weeks? Whats wrong with him?

Posted by yerthareason4me

My boyfriend has been throwing up for two and a half weeks. He only throws up in the mornings when he wakes up or late at night around 3 am. There was a little blood in the vomit, before he got to the dryheaving stage. This morning, another symptom showed. He vomitted coffee ground material. My thought is a stomach ulcer. He is th most stressed person in the world. When he smokes pot, he doesnt throw up. Marijuana is making him feel better, but I cant keep spending my money on illegal stuff. His stomach hurt him so bad that he was crying. He feels queasy all the time, and is worn out. He couldnt keep a glass of water down, so we gave him suppository pills to help his nausea. Weve been to the doctors 4 times. The first time was 5 days after the vomitting started. They suspected a stomach flu. I never got sick, and I wouldve if it was a virus. We got a chest xray that was clean, no cancerous spots (from smoking cigarettes). And blood work was run; they found nothing. I still cant convince them that its an I right? He lost 5 lbs in 2 days. I just want everything back the way it was.
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