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Why Dogs Eat Cat Shit And What It Has To Do With Fat loss?

Posted Nov 02 2010 10:43am

I'm sure you think I've really lost it now because I've chose to rant about coproghagia , but as you'll soon find out I've got some very valid points.

I know that you cat poop eating dog owners can totally relate to my mammoth frustration over the fact that your cute little baby can't wait to hunker down on a savory cat turd.  Sorry to be so graphic, but it makes me crazy especially when they engage in coprohagia right after meal time.  Seriously, what the heck is so good about it anyway?  And they aren't discriminatory either, deer poop also ranks up on their sweet and savory list.

I had had it the other day and I needed to get to the bottom of this and find out why?  The whole situation really baffles me especially because not all dogs do it.

So this is what I've uncovered so far.

1.) First of all, dogs aren't the only animals that eat poop.  Many animals like gorillas, rodents and many insects such as flies and dung beetles eat shit regularly.  Herbivores such as rabbits and rodents eat their own poop because their plant based diet is hard to efficiently digest.  This is kind of like a cow, moose or deer chewing its cud .  Because they have 4 stomachs they're able to re-eat their food before pooping it out.

2.) Many of the other animals like dogs eat shit because poop contains vitamins produced by the intestinal bacteria that the animal can't absorb through the intestinal wall. Dogs and other animals also eat poop because it contains protein. And as you may have guessed, cat poop is very high in protein.  Is this making some sense now?

3.) It tastes good to them.  I know, I've got a real hard time with that one too.

Now on to my point regarding fat loss.  Ever wonder why over fat people have such a hard time staying away from shit food? 

Here's my theory how it parallels a couple of the reasons why dogs eat poop. 

1.) Cravings for sugar, fat and salt are very strong in overfed and undernourished people.  Our bodies always strive for balance or homeostasis and if we're lacking something like key nutrients and good quality proteins, it's only natural for the body to put out the signals for more food.  Even if the foods that are craved are void of what we truly need.

2.) Crap food tastes good.  Besides the fact that the combo taste sensations of sugar fat and salt light up the pleasure center of the brain.

What are your thoughts?  Think I'm off my rocker or do you think my points makes some sense?

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