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Why Do You Gain Weight?

Posted Dec 18 2010 5:11pm

Understanding the reasons for gaining weight is the first step in weight reduction.

Being overweight is a very common nutrition related health problem. It is a chronic disease with increasing incidence. It paves way for the development of diseases like those related to our heart, high blood pressure, endocrine diseases like Diabetes Mellitus and even some forms of cancer.

Nowadays people are spoilt with extra calorie food and that too in abundance. Added to that, they are leading a sedentary life style. Thus unwanted weight gain has become a normal issue in today’s age. Excess weight gain won’t come alone. It will bring with it disabilities, diseases and death.

The Reasons for Gaining Body Weight?

This part is to be clearly understood. The very reason being weight gain can result from quantitative changes in either body tissues or body fluids. When your calorie intake exceeds calorie expenditure over a period of time there will be weight gain and that is usually seen as body fat. In simple words, if we eat more than what our body needs, the excess food is converted into fat. Fat gets stored in the body.

Obesity is excess fat accumulation in the body leading to excess body weight of more than 20% of required weight. If the weight gain is over a very short period of time the culprit for weight gain is body fluids.

Incidence: More than 65% of North American adults do suffer from being overweight. Of them, 23% are obese and facing the risk of premature death. In an article in Indian Express dated long back, 19th of July 2007 reported that in India with a real huge population the incidence of obesity is 7 to 9%. Recent studies reveal that women are more obese than males.
Factors contributing to over weight

  1. Endocrine Diseases- Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s Syndrome
  2. Genetic Factors- Genes have got a significant role. Blood Group Diet is based on this principle. Obesity runs in families, but we should not forget the fact that parents who are obese by over eating encourage the same in their kids.
  3. Exercise- Exercise / physical activity has got very high significance.
  4. Improper diet habits- Nibbling between meals. Some people have got the character of snacking very often. But this can lead to obesity not just by fat accumulation also by preventing food to digest.
  5. Living Status- Obesity is more prevalent in developed countries. India is the only Developing Nation to be a member of International Congress on Obesity.
  6. An injury to Hypothalamus- It can result in loss of control on appetite.

These are the common reasons for Obesity.

Leading a proper life style is the key to keep obesity away. Everyone likes to shed extra pounds, be in shape and then...Maintain a toned figure.
But understanding the reasons for Obesity is the very first step in weight loss. Obesity affects a person’s self esteem. But rarely have I come across people who are fat and happy. A person bothers about his weight or not, being a physician is bound to educate them regarding the necessity to reduce weight. Obese people are at 5 times more prone to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke.

Now that you have understood why you gain weight, its time to lose some. Head over to the effective weight loss programs blog post and see which diet solution is right for you.

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