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Why Do I Overeat? Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Posted Oct 28 2012 5:00am

I was always stressed, stressed out to the max. My only cure for years and years was food. I never ate a lot at a time, but over the years a pound here and a pound there really added up. I won’t tell you what I weigh; it’s much too much. I’m really a small person and the weight I’m carrying is no good for me.

Just lately I haven’t felt as stressed. What I realized as a result of being in such a good relationship with a new boyfriend is that because of who I am (was) I had this way of distorting things. For example, I remember this review I got at work a couple of years ago. My boss praised me over and over for my work, and I left the review feeling terrific. It was just the next day, though, when he asked me to change the way I had been entering some data, that the bottom fell out for me. I couldn’t help thinking that all he told me yesterday was to make me feel better, and he was really dissatisfied with my work.

Well, I’ve used this kind of distortion to cause myself pain and self-doubt, and stress for the last time (keep your fingers crossed). I finally learned from Benji that I’m a good person, a lovable person. I think I can finally substitute a more solid sense of my worth for overeating and weight gain.


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