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Why Crunches Suck For Getting Rid Of Belly Fat

Posted May 28 2009 12:17am
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I could chew your ear off all day on why crunches suck for getting rid of your belly fat but today I’m going to give you my top 3 reasons why you are better off doing basically any other bodyweight workout exercise if you ever want to achieve fat loss results.

You will never see crunches in any of my Aussie Fatblast workouts and these 3 reasons will tell you why:

1) Crunches suck because they are not an intense exercise.

They only target one small area of your body - your abs - and the fast and surefire way to get rid of your belly fat is to train with exercises that use more than one muscle group at once. Unfortunately, crunches suck because they just don’t get the heart rate up high enough to benefit from the short, intense style of exercise that is essential for achieving fat loss results and the body that you deserve.

2) Crunches suck because they place too much strain on your lower back.

Let’s think about it for a minute. We’re all busy people who are reading this right? And we spend most of the day sitting on our backsides chained to a computer desk right?

Well guess what happens when you are seated - your spine is compressed and places a great deal of strain on your lower back. Especially if you slouch in your chair.

In fact, I had to stop myself as I was typing this because I was slouching (yeah I’m a terrible slouch when I’m not sitting on my fitball at my desk).

When you are performing crunches your spine is further compressed with every crunch that you take. Not exactly what your back needs after you have already been sitting down compressing your vertebrae now is it?

3) Crunches suck because they are boring.

They are dead and buried and there are so many more exciting home exercises workouts that you can do at home that are more fun and definitely more beneficial to getting rid of your belly fat.

Some of my favourite ab exercises are actually movements like a Decline Push Up or even an Up Down that utilise lots of muscles especially your abs.

If I had to name just one exercise that hits the abs effectively using only exercises for a bodyweight workout I’d have to say any variation of the Hover or Plank.

This is an old photo of me (I had a little bit more hair then so you can tell it’s dated!) doing some crunch n kicks with my legs up in the air. Repeated sets of this will lead to a bad back that’s for sure!

Needless to say I don’t do them anymore.

The reason I included this photo of me though is to prove to you that I have evolved. I used to believe that crunches were the way to get the abs in shape. Now I know that is so far wrong that it’s not funny.

If I can be wrong, it just goes to show that we’re all human. The big thing is that I learned from my errors. So long as we all do, we are learning and growing and more importantly firing your belly fat!

Me Screwing My Back Up In A Past Life

Me Screwing My Back Up In A Past Life

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see you over there

So what do you think? Do crunches suck or am I off on another planet with my thoughts? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments section below. Let’s start some friendly banter!


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