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Whole30 What I Ate Week

Posted Jan 16 2013 5:24am
Happy WIAW everyone! Last week I asked you if you would be interested in what I eat in a week, mostly in order to give you a better insight on what it is like to eat paleo, and a few of you said yes, so here is a What I Ate Week! I have included calorie counts for each day too. I have carried on to count calories while doing the Whole 30 , as I beleive it can be easy to eat too many calories, or not enough! I'm not going to do my usual commentary of each day as I'm sure this post is going to be pretty epic as it is, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

B: Smoothie made with full fat coconut milk, spinach, blueberries and a chicken breast
S: pear & 12 almonds
L: Turkey mince with veggies, half an avocado and a navel orange
S:  2 tomato, spinach and chicken egg muffins
D: Paleo cottage pie

Total calories: 1713

B: Almond butter and sweet potato
S: Pear and 14 almonds
L: Turkey mince and veggies with a boiled egg and followed by a small mango (I'd asked Iestyn to mark my boiled eggs with a B, and he drew my a face instead!)
S: 1 Spinach, chicken, basil and tomato egg muffin
D: Stir fried chicken, pepper, onion and kale with some spices
S: Persimmon topped with coconut cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon

Total calories: 1426

B: Re-heated chicken, onion, peppers and kale from the night before
S: pear
L: turkey mince, boiled egg, navel orange
S: 1 egg muffin, 2 dates stuffed with almond butter
D: Beef steak fried in coconut oil with asparagus, kale, and onions, with half an avocado
S: Persimmon and coconut milk

Total calories: 1599

B: Sweet poato, chicken and cherry tomatoes (unpictured sorry!)
S: A pear and 14 almonds
L: Turkey mince with veggies, half an avocado, navel orange a few slices of watermelon
S: 2 egg muffins
D: Two pieces of salmon rubbed with tikka spices and fried in coconut oil, and roasted broccoli

Total calories: 1380

B: 2 eggs scrambled
L: Salmon, toms, cucumber, orange
S: Three dates, and later on warmed apple topped with cinnamon and coconut milk
D: Steak, onions, green beans, mushrooms, coconut water
S: Dried mango, banana raspbery soft serve

Total calories: 1423

B: Pancakes (2 eggs, one banana, mashed) topped with almond butter and a sliced apple. On the side my first bulletproof coffee ( 4g coconut oil blended with a mug of coffee): DELICIOUS!
L: Chicken, sweet potato, avocado, toms
S: Banana, almond butter and a mug of tea
D: Home made beef burgers , avocados, mushrooms, courgette and cherry tomatoes

Total calories: 1380

B: Two leftover homemade burgers from the night before plus a nectarine
S: A pear and 8 almonds
L: Turkey mince with veggies and spices, avocado, toms, orange and apple
S: Banana, almond butter, and a date
D: Pork steaks (two and a half!), parsnip apple and onion mash: loved this stuff. Plus savoy cabbage.

Total calories: 1360

Average calories for the week: 1468

I try and aim for 1380 calories a day, but as I exercise I don't really worry about having about two days at about 1600-1800, this usually happens at the weekend for me, but for some reason not this week. I suppose its because I'm not allowed any junk! If you are interested in what exercise I did on these days check out this post.  

The only thing I don't really track is drinks. I've already mentioned that I've started to drink hot lemon in the morning, and I generally have a mug of black coffee when I get to work, and then it's herbal tea for the rest of the day. After dinner I usually have a mug of black tea with some almond milk. I only realised a few days ago that almond milk isn't Whole30 compliant, I just hadn't thought about it before! However I don't beleive in wasting food, so I'm going to finish this carton, and then not have any for the rest of the month. I figure that a splash isn't going to make a massive differnce.

This weekend was mine and Iestyn's 7 year anniversary, which we usually celebrate with a slap up meal in a restaurant, but we didn't want to stray off the Whole30, so I decided to cook! There were a few items that might not technically be Whole30 approved, the coconut water we had in lieu of a bottle of wine, the dried mango and banana and raspberry soft serve were also probably more sugar than should be consumed on the Whole30 (but we made sure the mango had no sulphites!), and the pancakes probably come under paleofiying dessert, but I didn't use any cocnut or almond flour, only banana and eggs so I figured I wasn't straying too far.  I don't feel like I cheated on the Whole30, I just happened to have a lot of things you should ideally avoid, but like I said, it was a special occasion! I just thought I'd point these things out for you that are thinking of doing the Whole30 so that you aren't misinformed.

In yesterday's post I forgot to blog about this weeks weigh in. After 'losing' 7.4 pounds last week (in quotation marks because I 'gained' 6 the week before- not  true weight gain really, just Christmas bloat!), I wasn't expecting a huge number. I did however lose 1.4 pounds, which is exactly what I was hoping for, I am now back to my end of November weight, and from now on I can break into the new fat or NF, a term I love and have stolen from the LoveCat! Bring on the NF! Only 3.6 to go until my major goal of the moment, the 5 stone mark. I'm hoping that it will be mine by the end of January!

So I hope you've enjoyed getting an insight into what I eat in a week. Any questions, send them my way!

What was the nicest thing you ate today? I had two fried eggs for breakfast which I haven't had in ages: yummy! Plus a bulletproof coffee: I think we're on to a winner!

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