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Who’s Experienced Non-Hunger Hunger?

Posted Dec 13 2011 9:42pm

Weekly Question

I’ve been hungry all day, but not really hungry. Does anyone know what I mean?

There are days I get into a mode where all I want to do is eat even though I’m not physically hungry. It’s a different kind of hunger. A feeling that’s really hard to explain.There’s just a desire to eat that’s constantly present even after I’ve had a satisfying meal. Sometimes IMMEDIATELY after I had that satisfying meal.

Some observations about my non-hunger hunger…

  • Sometimes it corresponds with a certain time of the month, but not always.
  • Sometimes it follows a day of eating more processed foods.
  • Sometimes it’s emotionally based, like when in a funk or feeling lonely.

These days are inevitable, for me anyway, and I deal with them in my own ways

  • Sometimes I just succumb.
  • Sometimes I satisfy the cravings with healthy alternatives to the junk I really want.
  • Sometimes I divert my attention to something else altogether.

Who shares this non-hunger hunger? Have you experienced it? How did/do you deal?

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