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which fruits are rich in protein

Posted by parth234

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Fruits have very modest levels of protein compared to the daily requirement of our bodies.  Our bodies require 50-60 grams per day.  If we depended on fruits for our protein source it would leave you deficient in not only protein but other critical cofactors as well such as B12 and iron.  This is a HUGE point.  Especially if you want to lose weight or avoid chronic illness and premature aging.   Protein is vital in building muscles, restoring and replacing tissues, maintaining a healthy immune and hormonal system AND supports a fat burning metabolism.


Fruit is great, but too much can tips the scales of too much sugar in your diet. 


However, to answer your question here are some fruits with higher protein content:


1 oz Brazil Nuts  – 4 grams of protein AND they are high in a critical mineral Selenium


1 Whole Coconut – 2 gram of protein


1 Cup Avocado = 4.6 grams of protein


The beauty about the above mentioned fruits is they ALSO contain healthy fat.  Don’t be scared these healthy fats won’t make you fat.  These are also great options to add to other fruits because they contain protein, fat and fiber that will help slow down the release sugar into your system of higher sugar content fruits.  When you do have fruits, just try not to have more than 1/2 cup at a time and always have a little protein/fat complex with it too!


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