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Which Foods Cause the Most Flatulence?

Posted Mar 25 2010 2:50am

This may be a digression from what is normally posted on this blog but saying that this can be somewhat of a bit of a embarrassing problem for some people. And when I saw this list on another blog it seemed like a good idea to write it up as well. Plus it adds a bit of light entertainment which we can all do within today’s economic doom and gloom which we hear so much about in the media.

So in traditional DJ style “food pickers” as Alan Freeman would say. Here is the top 10 gas producing foods in order of flatulence power:

In at number one is:

Pickled eggs, so just be weary when you’re buying your eggs to avoid pickled ones. If you want to avoid blowing off then hard-boiled eggs are probably a safe option or boiled eggs.

In at number two it’s:

Green Bean casserole, this particular dish is something I have never heard of before so if you are concerned about what is in it I suggest looking on Google if you think it may give you problems.

In at number three it’s:

Smoked fish, I was quite surprised when I saw this was number three even though fish is good for you better watch out as you may not want any fishy flatulence.

In at number four:

Is a stuffed boiled cabbage, people do say that vegetables do tend to make you blow off. I know when I changed my eating habits it did cause a few problems in that area but as of recent things have been much quieter.

In at number five:

And halfway there is the good old traditional curry or as one of my friends used to call them “bum burners” now myself, I am partial to a curry every now and again, as far as blowing off is concerned. I haven’t noticed how it affects me. It may be because specific ingredients cause more flatulence than others.

In at number six:

Brazilian Rodizio or Churrascaria, this is probably one of those things that I will never eat, unless I go to Brazil but according to what it says on the source article it can be steak wrapped in bacon or turkey wrapped in bacon or finally bacon wrapped in bacon.

In at number seven:

Is biscuits and gravy, it doesn’t actually say what type of biscuits or gravy but to me that sounds revolting obviously it might be some kind of delicacy somewhere but where I don’t exactly know as it doesn’t say in the source article.

In at number eight:

Is collard greens ham hocks and bacon, this sounds like another horrendous concoction of food apparently from what it says according to the source, collards are some sort of high fibre food and very green.

In at number nine:

Smoked oysters that you buy in a can or tin, and they are coated in cotton seed oil sounds like another strange food delicacy. And one to be avoided by the sounds of it.

And finally at number 10 it’s:

All types of French food, whether it be a cheesy onion French soup or frogs legs, and a multitude of other foods that French people tend to eat.

My grateful thanks for the originating blog that compiled this list it was a joy to write.

Disclaimer: Now that you have this information, I cannot accept any responsibility as to what you do with it, if you are plotting revenge on one of your friends in some sort of way and this is your way at getting back at them. Please don’t tell them where you got this information from.

I do hope you enjoyed reading this post, and perhaps you could add your own experience in the comments below as to what causes you to blow off more than you should do.

And just so you know it did take me quite a while to write this post in between laughing I really do hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

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Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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