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Whey Protein Or Casein Protein For Your Healthy Diet Plans?

Posted Aug 08 2010 11:00am

healthy diet plansIt depends on what your goals are and your healthy diet plans.


If you want to pack on muscle mass then calories are king and with plenty of strength training and other powerful nutrients you should be able to pack on the muscle. Though many of you want to lose weight and learn how to eat less food and calories. 


Now what type of protein shake should you drink and when?


There is some research out now showing that if you consume whey protein before a meal that you may eat significantly less food than if you were to consume  a casein protein shake. 


This appears to happen because whey protein boosts levels of your hunger squashing hormones cholecystokinin and glucagonlike peptide-1 much more than casein protein does. 


If you want to pack on the muscle with your healthy eating plans go with casein protein between meals because according to this research study it may help to increase your hunger and have you eating more calories throughout the day. 


If your healthy diet plans include wanting to lose weight and control your hunger go with a whey protein shake between meals because you may then eat less calories at your next meal. 


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