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Where I’ve Been.

Posted Apr 16 2013 11:26am

Oh, hello. 

It’s been, oh 2…3…months? since I last blogged. I thought I’d update my adoring fans – aka my future mother-in-law and two of my bridesmaids. ;)

1) I started my student teaching at a middle school in January. 12-13 year olds are my spirit animals. I switched to high school in late March. My days are filled with grading, repeating myself 1500 times, telling 18 year olds why it’s not appropriate to ask me to dinner, researching and lesson planning. It’s exhausting. I’m up at 5:45am and don’t stop working until 8pm or so – but it’s totally amazing at the same time. I am finally doing what I’ve wanted to do since I was 8 years old and it’s thrilling. Now if someone would guarantee they will hire me come September, I’d be totally set.

2) I turned 30 in February. Our plans for a fabulous birthday weekend were crushed by Nemo (the Blizzard), but we still had a great time. I think my 30′s will be the decade of confidence. My 20′s were fun and amazing for so many reasons, but they were fraught with anxiety and doubt. I am so much more sure of who I am and own those many pieces of me (including those pieces that might have just quoted an Avril Lavigne song?…)

3) To celebrate our 30th birthday(s) and my upcoming nuptials, I went to visit two of my best friends in Portland, Oregon and our other best friend came up from California.  We’ve been friends since we were in elementary and middle school and we live all over the country as adults, so it was such a treat to get to spend a week together.

We went wine tasting, visited the Portland Japanese Gardens, shopped, traveled around the city and ate and drank. A lot.

This burger is from a restaurant called Lardo and is quite possibly the best burger I have ever had in my LIFE.

The famous Voodoo Doughnuts! Unreal.

Bachelorette shennanies. 90′s dance party + ugly sequined dresses = amazing. 

4) My sister, mom, bridesmaid/college BFF Beck, family and friends threw me an amazing bridal shower this month. I don’t have any pictures yet because as the bride-to-be, I was focused on saying hello, opening gifts and soaking it all in. It was such a fun afternoon and made me so excited for our upcoming wedding (in 67 days. GAH!)

 5) I felt compelled to write something after the events at the Boston Marathon yesterday. My sister lives in Boston and I have countless friends from my hometown in Connecticut who live in the city – many who work in healthcare. Living in New England, people tend to migrate towards New York or Boston – both geographically and in your sports allegiance. We’re a Boston family. My Nana and her family are from New Bedford, my Dad grew up in Mass. and we have family members and friends all over the city.

My Dad ran the Boston Marathon when I was in elementary school and I’ve had many friends run it throughout the years. I spent my childhood standing on the sidelines of countless races that he and my Mom ran in. When I finally caught the running bug and started to run myself, I ran 5K and 10Ks. I’ve run two races on the streets of Boston. My favorite race ever is the Tufts Women’s 10K – a women’s only race through Downtown Boston – on part of the Boston Marathon route. The spectators and the city itself were amazing. The second race I ran was Boston’s Run to Remember – a race to honor fallen police & firefighters. I ran with the American Cancer Society and I will never forget the Bostonians who came out to cheer us on. 

I’m so grateful that all of my friends in Boston are safe today. I’m so glad my sister was healthy & able enough to walk the 6 miles from Fenway Park to her home in Southie when T service stopped and she was stuck in the city. I’m proud to be a New Englander and a runner today and will run to remember. 

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