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When Your Intentions Don’t Equal Your Weight Loss Behavior.

Posted Jun 12 2013 12:53pm

What’s missing? There’s your intention and then there’s your behavior.

You intend to: this is your intention (of course). Then you don’t: this is your behavior.

What happened?

You had every intention to ________. Fill in the blank. But then you didn’t ______. Fill in the blank again.

When it comes to losing unwanted weight and then maintaining lost weight, how many of your intentions go unfulfilled? What went wrong? Are you missing something?

Maybe you’re not ready to do what you intend. Your desire may not be strong enough or solidly backed up by doable weight loss plans, fitting weight loss strategies, and the perseverance needed to implement these plans and strategies.

One way to get ready is to anticipate what will block your way to successful weight loss and weight loss maintenance. Make an exhaustive list, and don’t skimp on possibilities. You will be certain of some and not so certain of other possibilities. If you’ve been there before, try to remember what happened last time. What was the cause of your intention-behavior gap?

Once you’ve made a list, rank order at least 5 of the most possible possibilities. These will be the biggest hurdles for you, and they will be what stand between your intention and your behavior. So take the mystery out of why what-you-intend you cannot do. Identify the missing link between intention and behavior first, and then go about doing something about it.


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